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a stiff sharp-pointed plant process

a sharp-pointed process especially a sting of a hymenopterous insect

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Female terminalia: Oviscape: Tergal-oviscapal measure about 3; oviscape orange-yellow (black in discoloured specimens), subshiny, with dense brown setulae; aculeus elongate (ca 11x as long as wide) (Figs 18, 19).
Direct observations show that just prior to intromission, if the female raises her ovipositor and extends it so that the apical portion of the aculeus is exposed from the eversible membrane, the male can grasp it with his genitalic surstyli.
The speed with which a scorpion can deliver a sting might be influenced not only by temperature, age, or gender, but also by the starting position of its telson (the last tail segment, to which the aculeus is attached) and its metasoma (tail).
aguijar: espolear el caballo con el aguijon (espuela) < acuculare, variacion de aculeus, aguijon < acus, aguja, cuyo dim.
Pyrgotidae Schiner, 1868 are medium to large-sized (4-18 mm) acalyptrate flies, which usually can be recognized by a rather slender (often wasp-like) body, pictured or hyaline wings with short lobate cell bcu, oblique face, genal groove prolongated postero-dorsally to the middle of occiput height, and stiletto-like aculeus that is much shorter than the oviscape.
Of course, Neosilba species have a less sclerotized aculeus in comparation to that of Anastrepha and Ceratitis species (tephritids), but further studies are needed to clarify if the females of Neosilba species are able to use muscular power to insert their eggs inside the fruit pulp or if the newly-hatched larvae are able to bore the fruit peel to reach and feed inside the fruits.
Characters of the females, primarily of the aculeus, and body and wing markings, were considered in identifying species of Anastrepha (Zucchi 2000) identified by Garcia and Zucchi.
In males, the telson gland is light yellow; slightly pigmented near the lateral margins; ventral and lateral surfaces densely pigmented; aculeus dark brown.
The specific name, aculeus, means 'spine' or 'thorn' in reference to the sharp spine-like projections on the apices of the uncal lobes.
Coloration: entire body light yellow or light tan; carapace sometimes with variable dusky markings around median ocular tubercle, interocular triangle and carinae; ocular tubercle dark; telson aculeus and denticles of chelicerae and pedipalp fingers black.
Telson predominantly yellow, brownish basally near the dorsal surface; body of the subaculear tubercle and distal area of the vesicle brown, margins of the subaculear tubercle yellow; aculeus dark-red over almost its entire length, yellow basally.
Telson reddish, darker than segment V and with inconspicuous brownish spots ventroexternally; aculeus dark red, yellowish basally; subaculear tubercle yellowish.