actuarial table

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a table of statistical data

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In addition, CrashSense provides a complete data reporting portal tool for review and analysis of information that's gathered in order to assign risk, aid with actuarial tables, and create a UBI program that does not require use of a dongle.
For instance, the configuration may incorporate complex actuarial tables and calculations that must work flawlessly.
With the humidity outside spiraling somewhere between 99 percent and 100 percent, I wilted into a chair expecting a rousing talk about insurance premiums and actuarial tables.
Using complex actuarial tables and adjusting for smoking, waist circumference, dietary quality, exercise habits and other variables, the scientists were next able to isolate the specific effect that the hours of sitting seemed to be having on people's life spans.
However complicated the intricate policy aspects of the Affordable Care Act, however confusing the actuarial tables, however conflicting the legal principles at stake, the moral issue is as clear as day: Every industrialized country in the world has found a better fix to the issue of health care than has the U.
The 42nd class holds a reunion every 10 years but, as a concession to the actuarial tables, is considering a switch to five-year intervals.
It is the province of short-haired men in pressed khakis and vest sweaters, poring over actuarial tables.
These benefits are calculated on the basis of actuarial tables, a practice that was not designed to discriminate against women but nonetheless produces a discriminatory outcome.
Institutional investors who have depended on experts who, in turn, have counted on inaccurate actuarial tables and life expectancy assets are now experiencing life settlement asset write-downs.
The following initiatives provide a form of insurance that cannot be based on actuarial tables.
For example, it ruled (14) that the general actuarial tables under Sec.
Most of them, including the adjustment in actuarial tables that Saxton himself campaigned for in 2002, were upheld.
If you contrast these highly visible technologies with instruction manuals, actuarial tables, statistical models, maps, and, above all, schedules, then you will understand why the history of fire insurance has been understudied.
The Library also includes state and federal tax rate data, actuarial tables, the book "Multistate Guide to Estate Planning" and the "CCH FinEst Calcs" software program.
Not overtly erotic, the screen tests nonetheless speak sexuality, just as telephone books or actuarial tables do; any artifact numbingly antithetical to physical pleasure articulates the space for a prurient counterreaction.