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  • verb

Synonyms for actualize

to make real or actual

Synonyms for actualize

make real or concrete

represent or describe realistically


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Difference in its pure form yields what will become sensible once it is actualized.
Cost/benefit analysis suppose a system of indicators as actualized net value, internal profitability rate, actualized total expenses, recuperation time etc.
The Spiritual Practices Of The Ninja: Mastering The Four Gates Of Freedom by therapist and workshop leader Ross Heaven leads the reader on a journey to the spiritual philosophy of the Ninja, and its core tenet that there is no higher power than the actualized human being.
He revealed that pilots told him they were instructed to arm their planes with such bombs, but the attacks never actualized.
Our equality under the law, although it was written into the Constitution in the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth Amendments, it did not become actualized until Brown.
It is not a simple question here of picturing stories but of how each painting enacts the moment of entry as a literary or mental image is actualized in the precise speeds and temperatures of paint.
That they see these institutions as products of their own activity means that they understand themselves as essential to the social reproduction of these institutions, and thus these institutions are the vehicles through which their own ends are actualized.
The suggested procedure for the choice stage depends on the number of suitable alternatives and the degree of uncertainty about whether the most suitable one can be actualized.
The alternative logic was associated with a shift from wealth in movables to wealth invested in land, fosterin g increased concern for the conservation of assets along a vertical dimension; the eventual domination of contractual law actualized the social logic embodied in this shift.
The majority of the governed have had their wishes actualized.
If B1 is not present, then perceptual and selection responses to C1 may be actualized by A1.
And why is this question actualized once the construction of a church on the square got initiated.
5) (Disjunctive syllogism) It follows that there must be a fully actualized state (identified by Aristotle as nous poietikos) that is "in the soul" (en tei psuchei) and causes the fully actualized, occurrent knowing of a human knower.
Only in its repetition and transmission is the work actualized.