actual possession

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(law) immediate and direct physical control over property

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Successful adverse possession claims, through the application of actual possession requirements, can lead to both parcel-by-parcel and aggregate changes in boundary irregularity.
end strikethrough] There are two ways to exercise control: actual possession and constructive possession.
94) Similarly, where others disregard an owner's authority by challenging his agenda through inconsistent use, an owner may have to resort to actual possession to remain in power with respect to his land.
The IRS concluded that the taxpayer's transfer of legal title to, and actual possession of, the stock to the counterparty pursuant to the pledge agreement was not sufficient to trigger a common law or constructive sale (under Sec.
15--only bars use of the dollar in everyday transactions, not the actual possession of dollars.
High-harm" users will be targeted, with police having powers to prosecute purely on the strength of positive blood tests, rather than actual possession of illegal substances.
Just to remind Mr Straw, he at the behest of Tony Blair and in turn their puppet masters in Washington DC, quite categorically stated to the UN Security Council and the world that Saddam was in actual possession of these banned weapons.
The administration generally has avoided the issue of actual possession.
Richard Goddard, defending, said: "His actual possession was for the order of 10 minutes or so.
Under Massachusetts law, a settler's duties "included taking actual possession and within three years, building a house of a certain size, usually eighteen or twenty feet square, and clearing five to eight acres for mowing and tilling.
The law recognizes two kinds of possession, actual possession and constructive possession.
The current debate focuses on governmental regulations that do not take actual possession of but rather regulate the use of property.
If some barrier to actual possession exists, however, the income is not constructively received until the barrier is removed.
Tenders are invited for Industrial double storied property at part of khewat no 325 by 299 khatoni no 428 killa no 24 by 11 by 2 by1 situated at near bharat petrol pump and gandhra mor gandhra road vill ismaila the sampla rohtak property is in our actual possession