actor's line

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words making up the dialogue of a play

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Another trick was to get them to count slowly to three after the end of each piece of dialogue before saying the lines that came next, or to begin saying their lines three words before the end of the previous actor's lines creating an overlap.
As he underscores his play's improvisational byplay, asking the audience to 'mark that fellow', suggesting 'he speaks Extempore', in fact the actor's lines serve to highlight Brome's own skillfully scripted improvisation.
The performance needed a quicker tempo; eliminating pauses between each actor's lines would have shaved more than a few minutes off the play.
Relations between Glen and Dalton seem to have been generally good, although the director reveals their filming days came to something of a sour end in Acapulco - when they ended up having a shouting match about the actor's lines across a swimming pool.