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Synonyms for activity

Synonyms for activity

energetic physical action

Synonyms for activity

any specific behavior

(chemistry) the capacity of a substance to take part in a chemical reaction

a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings)

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Retail and service businesses reported solid demand recently, and manufacturing activity continued to expand.
This is a facts-and-circumstances inquiry, but the Notice lists as relevant factors the relative value added by and the relative cost of the taxpayer's MPGE activity in the United States, the nature of the property, and the nature of the MPGE activity that the taxpayer performs in the United States.
The IRS classified the losses as "passive activity losses"
That mental framework which is followed naturally and/or actively by human activity can be defined as the 'epistemic ground' of that activity.
This also will give residents who may not be eligible for physical therapy benefits an opportunity to add a physical activity component to their daily regimen.
Finally, charities may organize demonstrations to gain support for its views on a public policy issue, as long as it is a lawful activity, adheres to the financial test of substantially all of its resources being used for the charity's stated purposes, and it is connected to and subordinate to that purpose.
By using "process maps" to understand a sequence of key activities, critical events are translated into predictive financial statements, using ABC resource consumption activity standards.
Lack of physical activity and poor diet, taken together, are the second largest underlying cause of death in the United States.
That question might be easier to answer if activity, arts, and recreational therapies had clear qualifications and duties.
In terms of use of their time, the groups were similar in most categories of activity (vocational, inactivity, personal care, TV, quiet recreation, socializing, and travel).
Both delinquency and physical sports activity follow a parallel course, increasing from childhood to a peak near age 18, and then decreasing after age 18 to middle age,'' said Moffitt, a professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.
Operating costs and carrying charges that are considered to be ordinary and necessary" expenses of managing, maintaining, and conserving forest land may be wholly or partly deducted (expensed) each year as these costs are incurred-provided the woodland activity is done for profit and the expenditures are directly related to the income potential of the property.
a division of Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ:ACTU), and a leading provider of Performance Management solutions, announced today the general availability of Actuate Performancesoft Track, a breakthrough Activity Management solution that can support the monitoring and management of virtually any type of initiative, program, plan or activity.
According to a recent IRS report, political intervention by charities noticeably increased during the 2004 election season, with nearly 75% of the completed examinations revealing that the charities under examination had engaged in some degree of prohibited political activity.
All sectors of camps can offer assistance to parents and children through nutritional support, educational programs, and leadership that promote good health and physical activity.
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