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Synonyms for activist

Synonyms for activist

advocating or engaged in activism


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But most of those gathered, like the 20,000 trade unionists organized by the AFL-CIO or the peaceful human rights activists, were outraged that the violence captured the attention of the media and the world, overshadowing their sincere concerns.
Biotechnology is seldom the true activist agenda, he says.
What drives these activists to such life-threatening extremes is a combination of spiritual conviction, science, and politics, says Bron Taylor, an ethics professor and director of environmental studies at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.
So far, registration among the estimated 4 million eligible immigrants living in the United States is abysmal - 13,500 as of Monday - and many activists say the first election effort outside the country is failing.
Activists at Coal River Mountain Watch and other organizations connect these past and potential future disasters with the greater issue of mountaintop removal mining, a practice routinely used in Appalachia by Teco Coal, Arch Coal, A&G Coal Corporation, National Coal, Massey Energy and its subsidiaries.
When libertarian-oriented activist judges such as Fields and Peckham disregarded an objective reading of the Constitution in order to elevate their personal beliefs to the highest law of the land, they set the stage for FDR-appointed activist judges to disregard the objective meaning of the Constitution (e.
In this commentary, we seek to draw out these lessons by discussing the relationship between activist goals and scientific methods in reference to the precautionary principle, because it provides a framework for generalizing from the breast cancer studies to other public health issues where scientific uncertainty is likely to persist.
To find Keck's analysis useful, you don't have to accept his conclusion that the Rehnquist Court is in fact the most activist Court in history.
Yet this is forgivable, even unavoidable, as the exhibition only momentarily engages with the activist projects and gives them a second, contemplative, life.
Live pirate TV signals are transmitted to local communities with programming produced by community activists and barrio residents who number anywhere from 50 to 200.
2001: Writer and activist David Horowitz places an advertisement in college newspapers around the country, arguing that blacks have benefited from being brought to America.
By the time she accepted a job as an assistant field secretary for the NAACP in 1940, Baker was a seasoned activist and community organizer.
Activist Itamar Shapira said Wednesday that his brother, Yonatan--a former Israeli helicopter pilot who is well known locally for refusing to carry out his military duties--was shocked with a Taser gun while passively resisting arrest by sitting down and embracing another passenger.
Betty Berzon, 78 Lesbian activist and renowned psychotherapist; died January 25.
So she joined an activist group called Teens for Safe Cosmetics.