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the voice used to indicate that the grammatical subject of the verb is performing the action or causing the happening denoted by the verb


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According to the American Medical Association Manual of Style, the active voice is generally preferred if the agent is mentioned in the sentence; however, the passive voice is preferable if the agent is unknown or irrelevant:
The agreement brings certainty and opportunity to the local marketplace for both customers and telecommunications integrators for the first time since AVST bought NEC's Active Voice division last month (AVST and NEC Corporation of America Expand Global Footprint for Unified Communications).
Over 110,000 Active Voice systems have been installed in more than 60 countries.
Active Voice, which has a core staff of 10 at its Wrexham base and is this week recruiting a team of 40 trainees, is part of the Lifelong Learning Initiative funded by Jobcentre Plus, the European Social Fund and Finance Wales.
the performer of the action) into the subject is the way to rewrite the sentence in the active voice.
Use the active voice -- the passive voice will rob your writing of its energy -- and simplify your sentences by breaking them up into manageable, easy-to-read information bites.
Many attorneys know the rule - prefer the active voice - but, when pressed, find it difficult to articulate what active and passive voices are, describe why they should prefer the active, or identify when they might profitably swith to the passive.
Snyder and executive produced by BeCause Foundation, in association with Active Voice.
In addition to seamlessly integrating AVST's CallXpress[R] Unified Communications (UC) platform with NEC's world class IP telephony and UC solutions, AVST will continue to manufacture, support and enhance specific Active Voice product offerings for NEC, its channel partners and the independent Active Voice channel.
As Wallison suggests, "Given this background, it would not be surprising if independent directors--as a majority now specially constituted by law and regulation--interpreted their mandate as authority to take a more active voice in the assessment of company risk than had been true in the past.
Active Voice, LLC, a provider of unified messaging, computer telephony and voice messaging solutions, has announced version 2.
Active Voice, LLC, a global provider of unified messaging, computer telephony, and voice messaging solutions, has begun accepting orders for its Repartee unified messaging system with enhanced Microsoft Windows applications, version 7.
The new system will be provided by the same company, Active Voice, Smith said.
Active voice is more direct, and usually shorter than a passive construction.
Snyder and executive produced by Because Foundation in association with Active Voice, is set to air on PBS May 24.