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the part of an enzyme or antibody where the chemical reaction occurs

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This is essentially equal to the initial volume because polymer accumulation producing particle growth is taking place only at the active sites located on the exterior surface of the particle, which are much fewer than those in the particle interior (the ratio of surface area between the external and internal area is on the order of 1/[10.
These precisely shaped imprints are "cavities with antifunctionality--like the active site of an enzyme," Mosbach notes.
The active sites in the initial support-catalyst particles considered here, as detailed in Part I, are of the type that "turn on" as soon as ethylene contacts the catalytic site.
Hirudin is two-headed and can attach itself to both the active site of thrombin, as well as to another site that is specific to thrombin.
To work, the lysozyme's "mouth," or active site, must have access to the wall's sugar units.
Regions known as active sites, which are involved in the formation of transient complexes, seem to be smoother than average.
As the smallest functional fragment of naturally occurring single-domain antibodies, Nanobodies(TM) can address therapeutic targets not easily recognized by conventional antibodies, including active sites of enzymes and receptors, such as GPCRs, today's most important class of therapeutic targets.
And it contains end sites to which binding sites and active sites can later be added.
An informal eMarketer survey finds that a of major US corporations have blogs available to the public--and even fewer produce active sites with the link and feedback features that most readers associate with true blogs.
This was found using a synthetic peptide strategy to map the entire leptin molecule for active sites.
Three additional sites are not currently active but may have the potential to be turned into active Geobioreactors through cross-inoculation with microbial consortia from active sites.
Omniture is the web analytics market leader, delivering the solution of choice for many of the biggest and most active sites on the Internet, including eBay, Wal-Mart.
The IR103-111 trial, with active sites in the United Kingdom and Canada, is the first human experience with IR103, which combines the Company's patented HIV-1 Immunogen with Amplivax(TM), an immunostimulatory oligonucleotide adjuvant.
The domain, which is the most popular of the new TLDs that were launched in 2001, now has over 1,500,000 registrations, 71% of which are active sites, and over 460,000 dedicated INFO sites.
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