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the part of an enzyme or antibody where the chemical reaction occurs

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We also purified aromatase from equine testis to assess the specificity of the interaction within the active site in this very well-characterized mammalian model (Auvray et al.
Studying the configuration of how calpastatin bound to the active site of the calpain complex, "we found that there was a small alpha-helix that fit into the active site of the calpain enzyme," Greenbaum said.
By adding this or that chemical group to specific locations on a carbon-60 scaffolding, Friedman has designed HIV protease inhibitors that bind to the protease's active site 50 times as readily as the molecules he considered in the early 1990s did.
The procedure is applied to each point in the macroparticle grid and for each type of active site, according to the fragmentation step when it was first exposed.
As a basis for the compounds, Webb constructed a molecule dubbed a warhead, tailored to fit precisely into a central pocket of the active site.
Clients will be able to send their compounds to ActiveSight and will receive coordinates for the X-ray crystallographic structure of their compound bound to the active site of the Hsp90 ATP-binding domain.
If the active site of the endonuclease is blocked the enzyme cannot bind in the normal way and the spread of the virus is prevented.
was at the same nucleotide that their structure predicted was the active site.
The antibodies they found, which they dubbed 'metallobodies,' were similar but not identical to TIMPS, and a detailed analysis of their atomic structure suggested they work in a similar way - reaching into the enzyme's cleft and blocking the active site.
Because both X-ray crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy studies revealed that lead can bind the active site of Ape1 (Beernink et al.
These precisely shaped imprints are "cavities with antifunctionality--like the active site of an enzyme," Mosbach notes.
Knowing the architecture of the pol beta catalytic domain in atomic detail, we are now positioned to design small, synthetic molecules which bind tightly in the active site of the enzyme and render it inactive, much as we have with two other enzymes involved in the proliferation of cancer cells," said Robert C.
They found that the variation is concentrated in areas close to the enzyme's active site, the region that binds to pyruvate.
It is this atomic detail which provides the basis for the atom-by-atom design of novel anti-viral drug molecules capable of fitting into and blocking the RVP active site, thereby inactivating the enzyme and inhibiting rhinovirus replication.
The DNA and the nucleotide bind to different regions of the polymerase, but the enzyme somehow brings them together in the active site.
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