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The active principles used in this study were captan (240g / 100L, 2L syrup per plant), cymoxanil (600g / ha, 1000L syrup / ha), dithianone (125g / 100L, 1000L syrup / ha), mancozeb (300g / 100L, 1200L syrup / ha), mancozeb + cymoxanil (3kg / ha, 1000L syrup / ha), procymidone (200g / 100L, 1000L syrup / ha), copper sulfate (700g / 100L syrup / ha), and methyl thiophanate + chlorothalonil (200mL / 100L, 900L syrup / ha) to control downy mildew, difeconazole (12mL / 100L, 600L syrup / ha), tebuconazole (100mL / 100L, 900L syrup / ha), methyl thiophanate (70g / 100L, 800L of syrup / ha) to control powdery mildew and potassium phosphite 30% [P.
The genotoxic potential of active principle tebuconazole was assessed in snail embryos of the species Cantareus aspersus, in which individual changes were observed with tebuconazole doses starting from 50 [micro]g [L.
The proportion of pharmacological classes and most consumed active principles was calculated using the consumption of each class or active principle as the numerator and antidepressant consumption as the denominator
The company's latest product, white cement, includes photo-catalytic material, an active principle that reflects light and can destroy pollutants, and for which the Italcementi won the European patent.
Those receiving or with prescription of a one active principle medication was considered as monotherapy and those receiving or prescription of a more than one active principle medications were defined as a polytherapy.
Juan denies that one and the same active principle can both act naturally and freely, for much the same reason that one and the same entity cannot be both finite and infinite, i.
Pregnenolone prevents THC, the main active principle in cannabis, from fully activating its brain receptor, the CB1 receptor, that when overstimulated by THC causes the intoxicating effects of cannabis.
encoded information at the biological and molecular level) within the Sri-Yantra, Kumar highlights parallels between the biology of the human body and the geometrical formations of the Sri-Yantra, even positing that the SriYantra goes beyond the role of a stationary diagram, "but [is] also an active principle with the property to induce neurobiological changes" (108).
Assessing its risks, they wrote: "The active principle of krokodil is less a new drug rather than self-produced desomorphine accompanied by various toxic agents that emerge during the self-production process.
If a preparation is used whose active principle is to prevent an already fertilized embryo from implanting, then that is not permissible, as the fertilized embryo's human dignity must be protected," he added.
Inhibition of development, swarming differentiation and virulence factors in Proteus mirabilis by an extract of Lithrea molleoides and its active principle (Z,Z)-5-(trideca-4',7'-dienyl)-resorcinol.
Pharmaceutical composition containing a combination of active principles wherein the active principles are clopidogrel and aspirin, both constituent being present in a free state or in the form of a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, the active principles being formulated in dosage units containing from 01 to 500 mg of said active principle per dosage unit, and the amounts of clopidogrel and of aspirin being expressed in equivalents of clopidogrel and aspirin in free state".
When we worked on the hypobromous acid creation mechanisms and its modes of action as an active principle for swimming pool disinfection, we noted that the bactericide effect of this biocide was developed against 4 pathogenic bacteria likely to be present in water: Enterococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E.
The choice depends partly on the active principle of stress generation, because synergy effects occur when using the same principle.
The chloroform extract of seeds of Achyranthes aspera was further exploited in an attempt to isolate the active principle which exhibited the antibacterial activity.
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