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The active electrode and particular locating pin situated in the area of that electrode are related as particular pin appears in front of the highest amplitude vibration region, when that electrode is excited.
One challenge for electrode-based cell monitoring is the limitation that the passivation layer, which is deposited to cover the electrode and then later removed in specific regions to create the active electrode areas (i.
The active electrode was placed in front of the labia majus and the patient was asked to cross her legs to hold the electrode in place with the adductor muscles due to the lack of a vaginal electrode.
Premier Purchasing Partners, LP, today announced a new agreement for active electrode monitoring laparoscopic instruments has been awarded to Encision Inc.
Presolicitation: Notice of intent to sole source - brain products fully-integrated measurement solution including hw and sw for the wireless acquisition and analysis of human electroencephalographic data from 128 active electrode channels.
The generator produces a high-density current that passes through the active electrode to the tip of the instrument.
This novel feature allows the physician to perform multiple ablations with the same electrode; the physician can adjust the length of the active electrode to ablate areas between 1 and 3 centimeters in length and 1 and 2.
The requirements for each unit are mentioned as below- 128/256 Channel active electrode recording and 16/16 channel Passive electrode recording
Incidence of current collector and active electrode types 1.
In the BP+1 configuration, the electrode that is more distal in the apical direction to the active electrode is skipped, and the next apical electrode is used as the indifferent one.
The device uses the same principles as monopolar units, but is equipped with an active electrode, as well as a path for the current to return to the generator without requiring a neutral electrode/patient return pad.
In relation to EEG signals, the polymer electrodes are coupled with an active circuit, forming a so-called active electrode.
Smaller companies are turning up the heat on the already struggling large companies by launching specialty instruments such as sheathed insulated instruments with active electrode monitoring (AEM) that are capable of preventing stray electric burns.
5 gram motorized microdrive for chronic recording, an active electrode stabilizer for intracellular recording in awake animals, and a miniature two-photon microscope for intracellular imaging in freely behaving animals.
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