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a citizen who takes an active role in the community (as in crime prevention and neighborhood watch)

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To truly fulfill the role of an active citizen, a concerned person must meet a certain criteria.
The Active Citizen Summit "provides an exciting opportunity to positively respond to the opportunities and challenges facing youth in the Middle East and North Africa," the statement affirmed.
THE flags were out at St Columba's Catholic Primary School, Longbridge, as they welcomed guests from around Europe to celebrate the completion of their Active Citizens of Europe project.
If the youth of India has to 'rise and shine' as a vibrant, innovative and constructive force capable of creating a more just, equitable and peaceful nation they first of all ought to be formed as responsible, disciplined, humane, God-fearing young people and active citizens brought into the mainstream of the nation.
The Taskforce has invited individuals, community groups and organisations to have their say on what it means to be an active citizen
I believe every politically active citizen has an obligation to learn about the entire political spectrum, even if only to strengthen his or her political views.
The goal was to ensure that these collections could be used readily and fully to tell the story of the League and historically trace how women have been involved for so many years with the issue of full and active citizen participation.
For example, managers must avoid "turf consciousness among the contributing police and prosecutory agencies; they must obtain full investigative and prosecutory commitments from the various agencies; they must develop an active citizen organization to provide support; and they must establish cooperative ties with the media to help ensure the success of the public outreach/education component of the program.
As to why we play a role in the civic engagement movement, the concept of being an active citizen has particular power for our generation.
If you construct society so that the only reason to become an active citizen is that it's the right thing to do, then most people won't be active citizens.
Among them are the value of the vita activa, "true nobility" as a function of personal merit, service in an army of citizens and in offices of civil governance as modes of civic participation, and the concept of the mixed constitution, combining elements of rule by the one, the few, and the many, as an appropriate framework for the life of the active citizen and of the state.
Mick Williams and Sister Helen Ryan won the Active Citizen adult categories and Luke McClean took the youth award.
In order to develop leaders engaged in active citizen democracy, Johnson, Kidd, O'Brien, and Shields utilize a model of applied political and civic leadership education based both in theory and practice, and discovered that students became more confident of their ability to become involved in political and community life after participating in their program.
Important among these was active citizen participation in collective endeavor.
Active citizen participation in e-government; a global perspective.
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