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an agranulocytic leukocyte that normally makes up a quarter of the white blood cell count but increases in the presence of infection

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PPRV infects PHA activated lymphocytes more efficiently than the unstimulated ones.
But investigators at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, discarded the standard islet-toxic immunosuppressive regimen routinely used in whole-organ transplants in favor of a gentler sirolimus- and tacrolimus-based, corticosteroid-free regimen utilizing daclizumab, a monoclonal antibody directed against the interleukin-2 receptor on activated lymphocytes.
12) have shown that macrophages, when stimulated, function as a CYSH pump that takes up cystine and releases CYSH, increasing the intracellular GSH level of activated lymphocytes in the vicinity.
This represents a >1000-fold difference in telomerase activity, whereas only a 30-fold increase in telomerase activity in the activated lymphocytes could be detected by the conventional TRAP method (data not shown).
I think all you need are a few activated lymphocytes wandering into the brain .
Lycera's bioenergetics program is focused on developing orally available small molecules that exploit bioenergetic abnormalities in pathologically activated lymphocytes and result in the selective silencing of these cells, while keeping healthy immune cells intact.
Selective binding with S1PR1 is believed to inhibit a specific subset of activated lymphocytes from migrating to sites of inflammation.
It is directed to CD30, which is expressed on activated lymphocytes that are thought to play a major role in the development of autoimmune diseases, including lupus.
High concentrations of inflammatory cytokines[9,10] and organ infiltration by activated lymphocytes and histiocytes can explain all symptoms of hemophagocytic syndrome.
Fine-needle aspiration of the lymph node showed necrosis and mature, activated lymphocytes.
In contrast, activated lymphocytes contain mainly IMPDH-II (20-22), which is four times more sensitive to MPA than IMPDH-I (23).
The most probable mechanism of action is that the drug acts upon the activated lymphocytes that infiltrate thyroid and orbital tissues in patients with Graves' disease.
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