action potential

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the local voltage change across the cell wall as a nerve impulse is transmitted

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2) For most other excitable cells, activation of an action potential relies on the arrival of chemical signals at the dendrites or cell body.
24) The action potentials travel rostrally through the spinal cord sensory pathway to produce the P37/P40 potentials in the cortex.
Action potential is equivalent to the active response of the neuron, which can be modeled based on the Hodgkin-Huxley equivalent circuit model using variable resistors representing voltage-dependent ion channels.
Electrophysiological properties of neurons in intact rat dorsal root ganglia classified by conduction velocity and action potential duration.
12] J M A M Kusters, M M Dernison, Van W P M Meerwijk, D L Ypey, A P Theuvenet and CCAM Gielen, "Stabilizing Role of Calcium Storedependent Plasma Membrane Calcium Channels in Action Potential Firing and Intracellular Calcium Oscillations",Bio.
There also was a reduction in amplitude and an increase in latency and duration of the compound action potential.
Wikswo & van Egeraat (1991) measured the action current associated with a propagating action potential along a squid giant axon using the same method described for the frog sciatic nerve bundle, and obtained I = 6 [micro]A.
Sensory nerve action potential amplitude is typically reduced or, depending on severity, may be absent.
CPM--Creative Potential of Manager means manager's ability to act creatively and solve problems is determined by what is the manager's personality potential and what is the behaviour potential, also called action potential, action competence.
EDLFs impair sodium/potassium ATPase pump activity, which is crucial in transporting calcium and in maintaining the action potential across cell membranes.
When HF fatigue was electrically elicited, selective loss of torque has been accompanied with reduction in amplitude of muscle compound action potential (MCAP) (Bigland-Ritchie et al.
To pass my excitement along to my students and to clarify the effects of myelin on neuronal activity, I use a tangible analogy to teach action potential conduction down unmyelinated versus myelinated axons.
This discharge, called the action potential, essentially flips a switch on the myocyte's membrane to open pores that allow a small amount of calcium to enter the cell.
In one embodiment, the compounds, compositions, and methods of the instant invention treat a mammalian nerve tissue injury by restoring action potential or nerve impulse conduction through a nerve tissue lesion.
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