action potential

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the local voltage change across the cell wall as a nerve impulse is transmitted

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However, being a solitary pulse, the action potential represents a wave in an active medium and is not a soliton [11].
the "pacemaker" of the heart) differ significantly from each other, for example in their action potentials.
a) Initiation of the action potential which is realized in normal muscle at the motor plate.
The retrospective design and obtaining the normative data from the subjects who had been referred to exclude ocular myasthenia are the main limitations of this study Nevertheless, jitter values higher than 44 [micro]s calculated from the single-fiber-like action potential pairs, which were recorded by using a 37-mm CNE with 2-kHz high-pass filtering, should alert the physician to the possibility of neuromuscular junction disorder and constitute an indication for a further diagnostic investigation.
ATP] openers would hyperpolarize cell membrane, shorten action potential duration, inhibit calcium influx, and finally lead to a cardioprotective effect by depression of contractility [11-13].
Also, we calculate the time profile for action potentials in the RCLSJHH model under different conditions to understand C and K to understand generalized synchronization.
In all extremities with mild CTS, the sensory action potential of the median palmar cutaneous nerve was obtained.
2) For most other excitable cells, activation of an action potential relies on the arrival of chemical signals at the dendrites or cell body.
Here we describe and quantify the effects of R(+)-pulegone on the action potential (AP) parameters and on distinct [K.
The plausibility of the proposed model is assessed in light of the Hodgkin and Huxley's model for action potential generation in neurons.
Nerve conduction study showed diminished Compound Motor Action Potential (CMAP) with normal conduction velocity in both median, ulnar and peroneal nerves.
The action potential originates at the cell body of a neuron and propagates along the axon.
When a voltage change, the so-called action potential, reaches the synaptic terminal in the presynaptic neuron, calcium flows through voltage-gated calcium channels into the presynaptic neuron.
Eventually, enough charge builds up that an action potential is created.
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