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a New York school of painting characterized by freely created abstractions

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Images of Jackson Pollock's action paintings and Henri Matisse's collages
How he abhorred the Yuletide sight of tipsy secretaries depositing instant action paintings on the paving stones, thereby inconveniencing an old hand like himself, who was far too experienced ever to regurgitate a single drop that he'd paid for.
This record, like the evident pattern of Jackson Pollock's gestures in one of his action paintings, is the most personal part of Clarence Major's life to be shared.
Many critics, Clement Green berg most notable among them, began to blame de Kooning's seductive example for the proliferation of second-rate daubers whose high-impasto action paintings overpopu-lated the galleries on Tenth Street.
Pollock, whose action paintings of the late 1940s-'50s call out for unfettered movement, fluidity and freedom of application?
Trouble is, the English can't keep their drink in, which is why every night there are action paintings deposited all over the city's pavements.
These non-artworks (they were not on the checklist) could be read in any number of ways: as three-dimensional action paintings, as a reference to 9/11 (they collapsed under their own weight a week after the show opened), as Minimalist barricades set up between the spectator and the show's images, as aesthetic "projects" (art as social failure), etc.
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