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a New York school of painting characterized by freely created abstractions

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But to this day, Mohr--who began, in fact, as an action painter and jazz musician--claims more of an affinity with Pollock than with Donald Judd.
It was as if Reed were thematizing his own desire to have it both ways, to be both unruly and calculating, action painter and Minimalist.
Work by Iestyn Shaw > Influenced by action painters of the '50s and '60s, the flow of colour and form becomes evocative of movement and energy.
Not for nothing was he held in such high esteem by action painters of the New York School.
Clients are currently able to choose from 3D street artists, acrobats and contortionists, action painters, calligraphers, drummers, magicians and celebrity look a likes as well as bands - from jazz and Latin to rock -- and dance troupes including African, Broadway, ballet, Bollywood and many more.
Thanks to the advocacy of critics like Clement Greenberg and Harold Rosenberg, both of whom were associated with Partisan Review, these disparate painters took on a media-friendly identity as a school, the abstract expressionists or action painters.
Kids are full of life, and as action painters like Jackson Pollock, they should be armed for action.
The ambiguous title refers both to American Action Painters and American Action Painters and reveals Rosenberg's political agenda in crediting USA as the center of international culture.
In his 1952 article "The American Action Painters," Harold Rosenberg described the canvas of American action painters as an "arena in which to act," in the process promoting the artist to the role of pseudo-actor.
Middleton's poems have a tensile, torqued character (his first collection is entitled Torse 3) that, along with his improvisatory methods, have a certain kinship with what Harold Rosenberg called the Action Painters (especially de Kooning, Pollock, Kline).
Sirc grounds his ideas about college writing instruction in theories and practices from the arts, including the multimedia "happenings" of Robert Raucshenberg, the aesthetics of action painters such as Jackson Pollock, and the anti-modernism of Marcel Duchamp.
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