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the case officer designated to perform an act during a clandestine operation (especially in a hostile area)

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First, the sponsor and the game director now understand the problem better; second, both have better understandings of how important, or not, the game is to the sponsor and the sponsor's organization; and third, the sponsor's action officer (and through that officer, the rest of the staff) now understand the objective and mission.
The acquisition action officer must be a constant and accurate program advocate.
On any of the webpages mentioned, there is a point of contact source with email addresses and phone numbers associated to each MOS Action Officer.
AFCAP responds to requests from HQ USAF action officers who are trying to solve lengthy data-mining questions that previously required combining information from a variety of data sources to get a user-friendly format and answer.
Ideas being considered by the diversity committee for the plan include having the college board set minority hiring goals and separating the position of affirmative action officer from the director of human resources position.
Chief petty officers who qualify for major shipboard watch stations such as officer of the deck, junior officer of the deck, tactical action officer, combat information center watch officer, engineering officer of the watch, chief of the watch, safe for flight and others, demonstrate leadership.
An affirmative action officer stressed the importance of "mind-set shifts within the dominant culture.
shortly after graduating from Stanford University in 1978, says "it was impressive at that time because the company had an affirmative action officer, and they went out of their way to recruit me.
He was formerly the affirmative action officer at Stanford University and served as the director of intergovernmental relations, Office of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, in Washington D.
The said center shall be manned by Alexander Castaneda, the provincial fisheries action officer and his two staff.
John Lewis, an African-American and the WPD affirmative action officer.
The newly-enhanced AEPUBS site offers a heap of useful resources, such as up-to-date forms, publications and action officer toolkits.
We are proud to have been a part of the various action officer teams that shaped Army decisions to expand the military police force structure by 47 percent (the largest military police growth since the Vietnam "ramp up"); build deployable internment/ resettlement units at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Fort Lewis, Washington, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; and initiate the Expeditionary Forensics Program, among many other significant projects.
He also was a Mission Commander and Airborne Emergency Action Officer on Looking Glass aircraft flying the strategic nuclear mission.
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