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any bacteria (some of which are pathogenic for humans and animals) belonging to the order Actinomycetales

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1973), of nickel to algae (Spencer and Nichols 1983) and an actinomycete (Babich et al.
Similar to fungi, actinomycetes can grow on building materials in wet and warm places, and spread their spores into the air (3).
We distribute about 4,000 strains of molds, yeasts, bacteria, and actinomycetes annually to businesses, domestic and foreign government agencies, universities, and other research facilities," says ARS micro-biologist Cletus P.
Selman Waksman (see Figure 5) who studied peat soils early in his career indicated that addition of calcium carbonate to soils favors the development of native actinomycetes such as the Streptomyces genera (Waksman 1967 and Waksman and Purvis 1932).
Our studies indicate that the distinctive earthy odors are a gaseous byproduct of two groups of soil microorganisms - fungi and actinomycetes," Stahl says.
an actinomycete isolated from clinical material and phenol-contaminated soil.
NPI-0052 was discovered from the fermentation broth of Salinispora tropica, a new marine actinomycete identified in sediment from the ocean floor.
Earthworms are helpful for the growth of beneficial microbes such as bacteria and fungi and actinomycete which are found in the wastes biomass [7].
Desulphurization of Benzothiophene and Dibenzothophene by Actinomycete Organisms belonging to the Genus Rhodococcus and other Related Taxa,.
Derived from a marine-obligate actinomycete, Nereus' second compound, NPI-0052, is a highly potent proteasome inhibitor that will be tested for the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma, solid tumors and lymphomas.
Derived from a marine-obligate actinomycete, Nereus' second compound, NPI-0052, is a highly potent second-generation proteasome inhibitor for the treatment of multiple myeloma and potentially solid tumors.
9] studied the impact of long-term grassland management regimes with nitrogen-fertilizer application and soil drainage on the microbial community structure and found that nitrogen fertilizer exerted a significant impact on the total bacterial and actinomycete community structures, whereas soil drainage had a significant impact on the actinomycete and pseudomonad communities.
today announced that its Precision Engineering(TM) business unit has entered into a research collaboration with A*STAR's Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI) in Singapore to improve the efficiency of secondary metabolite production from actinomycete bacteria.