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However, he added that the army would act upon whatever course of action the government decides on the matter.
We have been informed that PM Zoran Zaev wants to wait for the local elections to be organized and then act upon the law on Albanian language, but BDI wants to soon implement the program for which Albanian citizens voted.
He said that there are different views and sects in all religions of the world but they respect the opinion of each other and act upon the policy of live and let live whereas there is extremism and intolerance in our society.
I hope very much that people will listen to whatever we find and act upon it.
Summary: India's Home minister said on Wednesday that though attempts of infiltration by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI cannot be ruled out,the country's security mechanism is prepared to act upon any smallest intelligence in this regard.
2 : to act upon or together with something else <The chemicals interacted to produce smoke.
Mark Ehlers, 42, was convicted in June of one felony count each of a forcible lewd act upon a child, attempted child molestation and false imprisonment.
Forest City's Board of Directors has established a special committee of independent directors to consider and act upon the proposed transaction.
We were left with no choice but to act upon that intelligence.
Managing the vast amounts of security data and being able to act upon it to make intelligent decisions is critical for us to ensure our assets are protected across the enterprise.
It is suspected that men will act upon curiosity more freely than women.
What I'm concerned about are security officials who, whether for moral or political reasons, act upon this a little more expansively," said Vanessa Edwards Foster, chair of the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition.
And that's Don Ranly's ultimate goal: If your readers act upon what you write, they will return to your newsletter-and presumably renew faithfully.
Three elements are necessary for evolution of organisms to occur, variation between individuals, physical differences that natural selection can act upon, and inheritance.
Canadian bishops meet in spring and fall to discuss and act upon national church matters.