act up

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misbehave badly

make itself felt as a recurring pain

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Hence, ACT UP took to the streets of New York, Washington DC, and dozens of other cities because lives were at stake.
The members of ACT UP were cognizant that holding meetings and disseminating information within their own communities was not enough.
I suspect that when history finally figures out what to do with Ronald Reagan's head, it'll be clear that ACT UP got there first.
ROBERT VAZQUEZ: I remember that well, because I was at-large representative from the floor of ACT UP, and I would hear discussions about Gran Fury: "Every other committee of ACT UP is open; why is it that with Gran Fury we don't know who they are and their membership is closed?
At an early ACT UP rally, he stood in the rain, reading to a crowd from a soggy piece of paper.
But the cofounder of an ACT UP progeny, Queer Watch, says ACT UP's obituary may be premature.
But my unease also comes from an awareness that the contradictions that drove ACT UP forward and eventually splintered it still rend our movement today.
The final act ups the ante, both in violence -- it plays like an adult version of Home Alone, with the baddies lured to a booby-trapped house -- and ridiculousness.