acrylic resin

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The boxes contain white ceramic sculptures with coloured acrylic resin poured over them.
These appliances, manufactured individually for each patient, are used in cases of painful disorders of the temporo-mandibular joint and may be made of rubber, elastomers and acrylic resins (Wright, 2009).
Results of these experiments indicate that the type of acrylic resin is crucial for the stratification process.
Place acrylic resin in the wax impression and seat it onto the lubricated prepared tooth.
Any category of flowers can be used with the system to create the sounds, as long as their stems can be put in the acrylic resin tube, they said.
The product, Wiper Gokipao, envelops the insect in acrylic resin, which chokes the roach while solidifying into a cocoon-shaped shell that hides the body.
It will be the first foreign-capital-owned acrylic resin molding materials maker in China, the major acrylic fiber manufacturer said.
Plexiglas Granite acrylic resins can give lighting products the look of natural stone without the weight," he says.
The process involves mixing 1-2-3 powder with some acrylic resin and strength-giving silver and extruding the malleable mixture into a wire, which then gets a coating of "2-1-1" power -- 2 parts yttrium and 1 each of barium and the oxide.
The Coating Resins business of Arkema has expanded acrylic resin manufacturing capacity in Arafariguama, Brazil by 60%.
Expanding on its offerings for direct-to-metal (DTM) coatings, DCM also launched MAINCOTE 4950 Acrylic Resin, an offering that combines three technical innovations in one binder for high performance with less VOC.
Acrylic resin is used in dentistry for the fabrication of various dental prostheses.
With the goal of developing a waterborne coating material that prevents staining, organic-inorganic composites prepared from colloidal silica and two types of acrylic resin emulsions were investigated as exterior coatings.