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Below is a chart of the Title VIII programs before the across-the-board cuts outlined above.
Under the most likely scenario for across-the-board cuts, minority-serving colleges and universities could face reductions of up to 10 percent, said Edith Bartley, government affairs director for the United Negro College Fund.
Currently, no one knows what the across-the-board cut might be under the sequestration process.
Take this basic example: Your client's PG&E bill didn't change despite PG&E's across-the-board increases.
TRADE unionists campaigning for a pounds 1,000-a-year across-the-board pay rise for city council workers are being backed by Socialists.
The Thunder Bay Port Authority has announced an across-the-board reduction of 10 per cent on its rates on goods and rates on vessels, a move made possible through "sharp" reductions in the authority's (and former Harbour Commission's) administrative and maintenance costs over the past few years.
E-commerce applications are booming across-the-board," Brosseau noted.
Launching the Standards in Scotland's Schools Bill yesterday, Education Minister Sam Galbraith insisted it would lead to across-the-board improvements .
They are now trying to agree on an across-the-board tax cut on all discretionary programs.
A 5[cent]/lb across-the-board price hike on polyethylene resins, slated by suppliers for either Sept.
The word that will define whether 1999 will be another year of across-the-board price increases and non-stop activity is "finite" - the finite number of sites available to build residential housing in Manhattan and the boroughs; the finite number of properties that can be feasibly and profitably renovated and converted; and the finite number of people who can actually afford and are willing to pay - the ever-upward asking prices of residential properties.
Most employers, and the Service, envisioned an across-the-board contribution to all NHCEs of whatever percentage or amount was necessary to increase the NHCE average to the HCE average.
IBM learned the dangers of across-the-board cuts the hard way.
Clients gain local accountability, strong controls for intellectual property protection, with across-the-board processes, systems and protocols to ensure strong savings on commercial software development and IT projects.