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extending throughout an entire nation

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Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Jan 19 ( ANI ): The Kashmiri Pandits across the nation are observing 'Exodus Day' on Friday.
These state-of-the-art vehicles, with enhanced safety and security measures now ply on the roads across the nation.
The notion that American youths aren't minding their p's and q's is continuously debated in editorial pages across the nation.
Short sales fail when real estate agents do not know how to be proactive in the process and successfully negotiate with banks to accept a discounted purchase offer," Murphy said, who has trained over 1,200 agents across the nation on short sale strategies.
He just had a deep hatred of the white police who were brutalizing black communities across the nation and wanted to do something about it.
Now, 20,000 to 25,000 children emancipate out of foster care at 18 years of age every year across the nation, and they're left with no support--no medical, no dental, no stipend.
As do many faculty across the nation, our faculty teach leadership within the agricultural context (Fritz, et al.
The thorough acceptance testing by NERSC ensures Jacquard is ready for a production environment for thousands of scientists and researchers across the nation.
30, Issue 1) was a succinct, insightful article into some solutions to the current operational and service delivery challenges that emergency services face across the nation.
Pointing to the March 1 decision of the California Supreme Court that Catholic Charities must pay for employee birth control, Camenker says that the SJC decision and related illegal executive actions across the nation (in San Francisco and New Paltz, New York, and other places) are incremental steps in forcing people of faith not only to accept a sinful, destructive lifestyle as "legitimate" but to subsidize it.
His progress was also broadcast via the Internet and radio, and his story appeared in magazines and newspapers across the nation.
Nearly 13 years ago, in 1990, The Advocate devoted a package of five articles to the "campus revolution" at colleges and universities across the nation.
Since April 1999, the IRS has been treating FLP cases as an Appeals coordinated issue, to reduce inconsistencies in settlement offers across the nation.
THE BBC is to test the IQs of people across the nation in an ambitious evening of programmes, it was announced today.
So it is disturbing to find that the number one reported survey deficiency across the nation in the year 2000 for Medicare and Medicaid-certified nursing facilities (28.