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Fortunately, plan assets across the board are now much more portable.
In Scotland, unions settled for pounds 500 across the board.
Thermoset liquid polyesters from Reichhold, AOC, and Ashland will cost 3[cents] more across the board.
The costing software also must handle the regular foundry practice of surcharging across the board.
BURNING ISSUE: Gas prices continue to rise across the board
Speaking at a victory parade in his home city of Plymouth to welcome back its triumphant athletes, he said: "You don't get 10s across the board very often, many divers don't ever achieve that.
And, almost across the board, it is hugely encouraging news for the North East.
Stocks declined almost across the board, led by iron and steel, mining and transport equipment issues.
Summary: AUDUSD - We have been calling for counter-trend moves in the US dollar across the board, and the AUDUSD is no exception.
And that's all we've ever wanted, is we wanted a fair share and equity across the board.
2005 is shaping up to be a strong year for us across the board in all investment sales markets," said Gregory S.
It's hard to peg or narrow the prospective audience of Going Nuclear: Nunberg's linguistic analysis should appeal across the board to any interested in how the English language changes.
Public universities will be raising their tuition prices by 10 percent, across the board, bringing the average price to $5,100, according to the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (www.
He said: "The only thing the People's Fuel Lobby is willing to accept is a cut in fuel tax right across the board for every single person in this country.
1 price hikes of 4[cents]/lb across the board for homopolymers.