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a process at the anterior end of a sperm cell that produces enzymes to facilitate penetration of the egg

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In general, low concentrations of ROS can induce hyperactivation, capacitation, sperm-oocyte fusion and acrosomal loss and high ROS concentrations inhibit spermoocyte fusion, decrease motility and damage DNA (for review see Surai, 2006).
Cholesterol and zinc usually stabilize sperm cell membrane and must be removed during capacitation to enable acrosomal reaction and penetration of the ova.
of a sperm head showing the perforatorium (p), acrosomal vesicle (a), and extraacrosomal tissue (e).
Therefore the ejaculates were evaluated by conventional semen characteristics: motility, viable cells, sperm abnormalities, and acrosomal integrity.
Qualitatively, acrosomal integrity detected by LysoTracker DND-26 staining was remarkably reduced in sperm heads from the cauda epididymis of rats exposed to B[alpha]P compared with controls (Figure 3C; see also Supplemental Material, Figure 2A).
Treatment with the protein caused the breakage of outer acrosomal membrane.
Extraordinary divergence and positive Darwinian selection in a fusagenic protein coating the acrosomal process of abalone spermatozoa.
It has been found that freezing results in acrosomal damage, leakage of enzymes, alterations in ionic strength and pH, complete withdrawal of the hydration shell of protein in the solution, and loss of motility (Meur et al.
Baculovirus-expressed recombinant human zona pellucida glycoprotein-B induces acrosomal exocytosis in capacitated spermatozoa in addition to zona pellucida glycoprotein-C.
Stained sperm using the Papanicolaou method should exhibit a standard pattern with the acrosomal region of the head staining a light blue and the postacrosomal region staining a dark blue.
Cellulose sulfate is an antimicrobial that stimulates acrosomal loss, inhibits hyaluronidase, and impedes sperm penetration into cervical mucus.
14) These antibodies may lead to premature acrosomal reaction, sperm-zona pellucida binding abnormality, and sperm capacitation inhibition.
The basis of the axoneme is located close to the acrosomal complex.
4]) has been shown to induce the acrosomal reaction in spermatozoa through a rapid, nongenomic pathway by finding to a plasma membrane receptor.
Electron microscopic determination of the actin filament end at which cytochalasin B blocks monomer addition using the acrosomal actin bundle from horseshoe crab sperm.