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Synonyms for acrocyanosis

cyanosis of the extremities

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Butyl nitrite-induced acrocyanosis in an HIV-infected patient.
Moreover, autoantibody agglutination can occur in the vasculature of distal extremities causing a numbing pain and bluish color referred to as acrocyanosis.
Background: This report describes a case of a 60-year-old female admitted with respiratory distress and acrocyanosis.
Ethylmalonic encephalopathy is a rare infantile metabolic disorder with a distinctive clinical presentation characterized by hypotonia, developmental delay and regression, orthostatic acrocyanosis, relapsing petechiae, chronic diarrhea, and progressive pyramidal and extrapyramidal signs (31).
Physical examination was remarkable for acrocyanosis, microcephaly, cranial bruit, bilateral neck swelling, coarse breath sounds, and a hyperdynamic precordium with continuous murmur.