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(of mosses) having the archegonia at the top of the stem

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after Meagher and Fuhrer 2003) acrocarpous Having sporophytes terminal on stems or branches.
Sphagnum mosses may be acrocarpous or pleurocarpous (bearing fruit at the end of a stalk or on the side), in which case they do not usually grow so high.
In early succession after fire, various acrocarpous mosses increase in abundance, and a few species of herbs and grasses appear with the ericaceous dwarf shrubs (Schimmel and Granstr[ddot{o}]m 1996).
The pleurocarpous species Anomodon and Platygyrium thus could have usurped a majority of the substrate by growing across it, preventing the acrocarpous species (Leucobryum) from spreading once it established.