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New Delhi: Acrimony over the selection yesterday of Narendra Modi to head the opposition's campaign in India's coming election exposed rifts within his Hindu nationalist party.
Implications from The Work of Hope can be applied across a variety of channels - from how President Obama engages with Republicans in the House and ways in which religious organizations can better communicate with potential followers, to steps corporations can take to have a more meaningful impact in a community and ways individuals can see and hear one another amid all of the noise and acrimony in our society.
and Pakistani officials said the November killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers in a NATO airstrike and Washington s refusal to outright apologize for the deaths has been a game changer in a relationship characterized by mistrust and mutual acrimony.
A single currency starts as an act of friendship with the neighbours, and ends in acrimony like a bad marriage" - Tory MP and ex-cabinet minister John Redwood.
All efforts at compromise among the Republican-controlled House, the Democratic-run Senate and President Barack Obama have failed, raising the level of partisan acrimony.
Summary: VIENNA - OPEC talks broke down in acrimony on Wednesday without an agreement to raise output after Saudi Arabia failed to convince the group to lift production.
Such historically demonstrated frustrations between the major religions of the world has created much acrimony, currently demonstrated in the Middle East religious war and the fundamentalist Islamic holy war against the Christian West (called terrorism in the media).
The acrimony was not by the principal actors, but by those who were putting questions.
The agreement, announced over the weekend, isn't a permanent fix for the acrimony between Icahn and Lions Gate.
The acrimony surrounding Rooney's pounds 27million move to Manchester United in 2004, followed by the abrupt downturn in his relationship with Everton manager David Moyes, has rather soured the forward's relationship with the Goodison Park faithful.
TWO weeks' absence produced the unexpected benefit of missing the acrimony created between the BHA integrity services staff and prominent trainers over inside information seminars.
That would be a remarkable development given the acrimony surrounding his departure from Arsenal to Real Madrid in 1999.
Alex Carruthers quit as chief executive on Wednesday along with chairman Graeme Stirling after fresh talks with SRU chiefs over a funding row broke down in acrimony.
Those discussions set the tone for the acrimony between Penny and Reed throughout the four-plus innings Penny was in the game.
The bay's immense salty marsh, which has an extreme tidal variance from 60 to 150 square miles, raised from the beginning of the century varying assessments of its agricultural potential and acrimony over its boundaries and ownership.