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No commission payments have been paid since Stretford left Proactive acrimoniously in October 2008.
The band split acrimoniously in 1990, but announced their reunion in 2009.
The band, who sold more than two million records, had four top 20 albums and numerous hit singles, split up acrimoniously in 2003.
Previous candidate Sue Catling made allegations of sexism after she was acrimoniously de-selected in 2003.
Kear, who was acrimoniously axed as the Black and Whites coach in April last year saw his side post three tries on their way to a third straight win, with Jamie Rooney adding seven points with the boot in a 19-6 success.
He was a member of the Brazil squad that won the 2002 World Cup, was signed by McClaren just a few weeks later and, after a frustrating third spell with Boro, joined O'Neill at Celtic Park, a move which ended acrimoniously last year.
The police clear both men of any wrongdoing but the stink of scandal is impossible to shift and Vince and Lanny part acrimoniously, never speaking about the tragedy.
Last year he scored both goals in a 2-0 win as Pardew made his first return to the side he left so acrimoniously.
Cash coached him for a time but they parted acrimoniously, with the Australian claiming he was owed a lot of money.
Three more successful fights passed by before Lewis acrimoniously parted company with Eliades in February last year.
Ancelotti was acrimoniously sacked by Juve last season, a decision which still grates with him, but he is fashioning a Milan team capable of
Despite the pair having parted acrimoniously over off-field business affairs in 1993, Sugar believes that his former manager at Spurs should be given the international hotseat.
The musician went on to marry model and campaigner Heather Mills in 2002 before they split acrimoniously four years later.
When he left the firm acrimoniously in October 2008, he refused to authorise further payments of commission, amounting to pounds 4.
Her second marriage, to Barry Hankerson, ended acrimoniously in 1979 after five years in a prolonged custody battle over their son, Shanga.