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an area of ground used for some particular purpose (such as building or farming)

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There are distinct differences in the evolution of wine grape acreage and cultivars between the northwest and southwest AVAs.
This reflection is also seen in the evolution of Vitis vinifera and resistant cultivar acreage since 1970.
In 2014, Michigan had 2,100 acres of vinifera grapes, almost three times higher than the total acreage of resistant cultivars.
The initial increase of vinifera plantings in both northwest and southwest Michigan during the 1990s may be explained by rising temperatures during the previous decade (see "Evolution of Wine Grape Acreage in Michigan").
Acreage of resistant cultivars in southwest Michigan grew steadily from 1970 to 1990.
Acreages for prunes, grapes, walnuts and other fruit decline due to fewer chill hours, whereas almond acreage expands slightly.
In this study, using 105 years of local climate data and 60 years of local crop acreage information, we investigated, in the context of underlying economic forces, how growers in Yolo County have responded to past climate change.
1: Yolo County agriculture in 2013, showing acreage share and value share by commodity category.
Although total crop acreage is dominated by field crops, revenue shares are more evenly distributed among field crops, tree and vine crops, and vegetables (fig.
Nearly all States in the eastern two-thirds of the United States have reduced their acreages.
Nectarines: California nectarine acreage in 1983 was nearly eight times the small acreages in the mid-1940's.
The area devoted to all citrus, noncitrus fruits, and tree nuts in the United States has decreased 24 percent since 1919, the year in which complete acreage estimates became available.
total but were more than twice the State's acreage in 1947.
Canadian Superior is one of the largest holders of deepwater acreage offshore Nova Scotia where the CNSOPB has recently significantly upgraded potential natural gas reserves.
The Company is one of the largest acreage holders offshore Nova Scotia, with 934,065 acres offshore Nova Scotia (See: Canadian Superior's website at www.