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Synonyms for acreage

an area of ground used for some particular purpose (such as building or farming)

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Canadian cannabis company Invictus MD Strategies Corp (TSXV:IMH)(OTC:IVITF)(FRA:8IS1) said on Wednesday that Acreage Pharms Ltd has acquired 23 new cannabis strains for medical and recreational use.
The maps will also advise stakeholders of areas that are not available for Special Prospecting Authority with an Acreage Option applications.
Because of its recent formation, Tip of the Mitt AVA acreage data was not included.
1: Yolo County agriculture in 2013, showing acreage share and value share by commodity category.
In 2012, the pear acreage of 8,169 hectares was bigger than the apple acreage (then 7,948 hectares) for the first time.
The acreage is entirely onshore and because of this, drilling costs are a fraction of those generally encountered offshore.
East Resources has 650,000 net acres of highly contiguous, operated acreage in the Marcellus, and 1.
0% interest in an undeveloped acreage, including around 60,000 net acres.
Can you recommend the most eco-friendly ways in which I can purchase acreage and envision a "green" land use plan?
AM: What future do you see for soybean acreage in the United States in light of the increasing acreage in South America?
Unfortunately, it exempts millions of other forests from thinning (note the discrepancy between the acreage covered by the act and AF&PA's estimate of at-risk acreage).
California vineyard acreage dropped 2 percent overall last year, with an especially sharp decline in recent plantings, a new state report says.
This paper designs an acreage response model under the acreage allotment farm program incorporation a policy-inducing variable.
Within the past two years, avocado acreage in the county has gradually increased, in contrast with five years ago when acreage was cut back because of pest problems and lower demand.
The Commission is proposing to continue with the regime in its present form, namely a maximum guaranteed acreage (MGA) of 400,000 hectares and aid of Euro 181 Euro/hectare.