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Synonyms for acre

usually extensive real estate

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a unit of area (4840 square yards) used in English-speaking countries

a territory of western Brazil bordering on Bolivia and Peru

a town and port in northwestern Israel in the eastern Mediterranean

References in classic literature ?
Why, Silva wouldn't sell these five acres for five hundred an acre cash down.
An' that is that this is no place for us, with land a thousan' an acre an' only twenty dollars in our pockets.
But all the same, I'd sooner have forty acres at a hundred an acre than four at a thousan' an acre.
You're like Uncle Will, who owned thousands of acres and wanted to own a million, and who wound up as night watchman.
I don't know which is the dinkier," she observed finally, "--owning a few little acres and the team you're driving, or not owning any acres and driving a team somebody else owns for wages.
My grandfather bought sixteen hundred of the best acres around here for fifteen hundred dollars--five hundred down an' the balance in five years without interest.
Because they could get more out of twenty acres than we could out of a hundred an' sixty.
Why, the Silvas, the whole tribe of 'em, works a hundred acres in peas, eighty in tomatoes, thirty in asparagus, ten in pie-plant, forty in cucumbers, an'--oh, stacks of other things.
Why, back in town there, there's single acres that earns more than fifty of ours in the old days.
In her heart of hearts the forty acres tugged much the harder.
We're going in, not for forty acres, but for a hundred and sixty acres free from the government.
Yes, there were about eleven acres in the vineyard--wine grapes.
It costs as much to grow an acre of rice as it does to produce an acre of cotton.
The adjacent estate homesite of approximately one acre completes the original estate and is offered with a suggested opening bid of $195,000.
Agriculture officials said farmers would remain engaged with cotton sowing activity till the end of June or extend into first week of July on way to achieving six million acre sowing target in Punjab.