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Synonyms for acquisitive

Synonyms for acquisitive

having a strong urge to obtain or possess something, especially material wealth, in quantity

Antonyms for acquisitive

eager to acquire and possess things especially material possessions or ideas

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When the acquisitors are dominant the status of women is low, not least as a result of the prevalence of divorce, prostitution and pornography.
One is political: If the acquired company had a strong presence in its local community or was a national icon, the acquisitor might feel an obligation or make a commitment to retain certain activities or certain brands in perpetuity.
The fifth or sixth division, which sits uneasily between the Stranger's original insight into the sophist as acquisitor and his second view of the sophist as maker, has no standing in his almost ([unkeyable]) perfect division of the arts in two (219a8).
In the modern world these four classes are identified as: Labourers are farm workers and unskilled factory workers, who lack physical or mental prowess, education, marketable skills and ambition; warriors are soldiers, policemen, firemen, professional atheletes, and skilled blue-collar workers and all other who possess superior physical skills or strength; intellectuals are writers, scholars, lawyers, physicians, poets, engineers, scientists, white-collar workers and priests; acquisitors are merchants, bankers, money-lenders, businessmen and landlords and others to whom money is all that matters and who covet wealth for its own sake.
During his tenure, McCorison, sometimes referred to as the "Grand Acquisitor," expanded the Society's holdings by some 115,000 items and greatly enhanced access to the Society's collection by creating a machine-readable catalogue system and encouraged the production of bibliographies that would include AAS holdings.
The largest acquisitor has been private equity companies.
stores will allow Coutu to clean up its balance sheet and to again be seen as a potential acquisitor.
The bridgehead for the deal was secured last year when Tinopolis gained an Alternative Investment Market (Aim) listing after reversing into cash shell Acquisitor.
Target, or any other acquisitor, would gain 99 of the Bay stores, 314 Zellers units and the 47 big-box units.
The biggest shareholder, Bermuda-based Acquisitor Holdings, wants the chairman Bijan Khezri and directors kicked out.
Hopkins, a principal in the management consulting firm of Nightingale & Associates, joined the company in October with the goal of turning around its management and finding an acquisitor for the once-troubled teleconferencing provider.
His father was the acquisitor and empire builder and those twin rules demand a degree of tough-mindedness.
That debt began to burden Singleton, however, as it came to burden every other fast-track newspaper acquisitor.
Wolff describes the various Bancroft factions with great relish, painting a comic portrait of their general cluelessness about their determined acquisitor.
The Llanelli-based company, which obtained a listing earlier this year after reversing into AIM-listed Acquisitor, reported a half-year increase in revenue (to the end of March this year) from pounds 3.