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Synonyms for acquisitive

Synonyms for acquisitive

having a strong urge to obtain or possess something, especially material wealth, in quantity

Antonyms for acquisitive

eager to acquire and possess things especially material possessions or ideas

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We have worked long and hard behind the scenes to find a Chairman with the expertise and gravitas to help drive the business forward, both organically and acquisitively.
HI-TECH stayer Sage, which employs around 1,000 staff in the North-East alone, continues ( as the only hi-tech stock left in the FTSE 100 ( to expand both organically and acquisitively.
We are always looking at opportunities and want to continue growing the group both organically and acquisitively.
Zep remains committed to growing its business acquisitively in a prudent manner.
Strategic Rationale - Pacific Rubiales believes that this is a highly strategic acquisition and provides additional visibility to its ability and leverage to increase production and reserves both organically and acquisitively at attractive and competitive metrics.
As Berlin Packaging continues to grow organically and acquisitively, our sales team needs a strong leader with both operational and strategic expertise to drive performance across the entire organization," said Andrew T.
Mr Levy said the Midlands would act as a UK base for GPU's acquisition strategy in Europe, and added that although the group was keen to expand acquisitively, there were lots of other growth opportunities to exploit.
It looks at their development progress compared with their original aims, detailing how the company has expanded either acquisitively, organically or though strategic alliance.
Our ambition is to build the nation's largest integrated hazardous waste recycling company organically, acquisitively and through the continued development and commercialization of environmentally-friendly and cost-effective green technologies.
Shares in Acorn, which owns 27 per cnt of ARM, was heavily traded and added 2p to 101p on suggestions that the US giant may be looking at its stake acquisitively.
The Top 5 media owners have all moved aggressively and acquisitively into national broadcasting, the Internet or both.
Veridium's business model is to develop its markets organically and acquisitively as a premier environmental services provider on the basis of the powerful competitive advantages driven by Veridium's patented and proprietary green technologies.
We intend to develop our market organically and acquisitively with a focus on maximizing gross margin and achieving positive results.
Upon completion of this merger, Veridium will develop its markets organically and acquisitively as a premier environmental services provider that uses state-of-the-art green technologies to recycle and mine commodities from industrial hazardous wastes.