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Synonyms for acquisitive

Synonyms for acquisitive

having a strong urge to obtain or possess something, especially material wealth, in quantity

Antonyms for acquisitive

eager to acquire and possess things especially material possessions or ideas

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OneVue chief executive Connie Mckeage, The acquisition follows OneVue s stated objective to grow the company organically and acquisitively and is strategically important in delivering value added services to both OneVue s Fund Services and Platform Services clients.
Many of the North East PLCs continued to grow acquisitively during the year, most noticeably Vertu Motors and Utilitywise which listed on AIM in 2011.
Board director Pierre Hessler told ComputerWire recently that the company is looking at expanding acquisitively in the German market, where it has held talks with firms such as Plaut, and the debis systemhaus division of T-Systems.
It has grown at tremendous speed organically but we see the opportunity to grow it acquisitively,' said Mr Cole.
Acquisitively, we added three highly strategic businesses that fit very well within our Fluid & Metering and Health & Science portfolios.
Fulton played a key role in organically and acquisitively building several new businesses at BMC that capitalized on secular trends around cloud computing, IT automation, mobility and DevOps.
HI-TECH stayer Sage, which employs around 1,000 staff in the North-East alone, continues ( as the only hi-tech stock left in the FTSE 100 ( to expand both organically and acquisitively.
We are always looking at opportunities and want to continue growing the group both organically and acquisitively.
Zep remains committed to growing its business acquisitively in a prudent manner.
Strategic Rationale - Pacific Rubiales believes that this is a highly strategic acquisition and provides additional visibility to its ability and leverage to increase production and reserves both organically and acquisitively at attractive and competitive metrics.
Mr Levy said the Midlands would act as a UK base for GPU's acquisition strategy in Europe, and added that although the group was keen to expand acquisitively, there were lots of other growth opportunities to exploit.
It looks at their development progress compared with their original aims, detailing how the company has expanded either acquisitively, organically or though strategic alliance.