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The Air Force acquisition community is changing the way it does business to deliver capability faster and at a lower cost, said Sue Payton during testimony Sept.
These TAMs are important because they clarify that severance payments made after an acquisition are deductible even when the acquisition was the catalyst for the payments or the payments were coincidental to the acquisition.
Section 1012 of the 1997 Act amends section 355 to place new restrictions on the acquisition and disposition of the stock of the distributing or controlled corporation.
However, the transaction may initially be funded from proceeds of project and corporate level financing similar to the company's acquisition of the CommonWealth portfolio in 2005.
A $925,000 acquisition loan for a four-story apartment building in Hempstead, N.
Past successful major Army acquisition programs, such as the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, M1 Tank, Apache Helicopter, and the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) of the 1980s were developed in response to a well-defined, if unpredicable, threat.
CPAs are trained and experienced in investigation, evaluation and organization of data, and these skills make you a key player in the acquisition process.
Besides an acquisition involving a public offering, a distribution and a post-distribution acquisition would be part of a plan only if an agreement, understanding, arrangement or substantial negotiations about the acquisition (or a similar acquisition) existed at any tram during a two-year period ending on the distribution date.
As such, there will be better comparability when assessing young companies, those with short-lived assets or companies growing primarily by acquisition.
Our primary educational engagement activity is our family of international acquisition courses.
The SEC ultimately determined Meris's acquisition accounting was improper and on September 26, 1994, announced administrative proceedings against the company and two of its officers.
Closing of the merger is subject to various conditions, including the approval of the Amended Merger Agreement by the stockholders of JK Acquisition Corp.
49 million acquisition financing--Hilton Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic--The financing will be used for the acquisition of a newly-built 21-story, 228-key, business hotel located adjacent to Malecon Center, a mixed-use complex for retail shopping, cinema and commercial office space.
There are four steps to applying the acquisition method: