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In the February 2007 issue of The American Biology Teacher, Stern and Ben-Aktva "outline a lesson plan that is designed to challenge one commonly held naive idea, namely the inheritance of acquired traits.
Clearly, values and ethics associated with integrity interact with ability, experience, and other acquired traits to determine how candidates behave and how they can be expected to perform in the future.
Today, Bashaw and other scientists are closer to turning apomixis from a little-known reproductive mechanism into a new tool for developing improved plant varieties that retain acquired traits indefinitely.
The company's TraitUP[TM] platform is utilized to express or silence genes in seeds and plants, and acquired traits are expressed within days post treatment.
Naturalists as far back as Jean Baptiste de Lamarck and even Aristotle have associated environmental changes with the inheritance of acquired traits.
Neither of these acquired traits can be tolerated in the modern law enforcement agency.
Similarly, students may sometimes see that traits such as smoking or bodybuilding "run" in some families and intuit incorrectly that these acquired traits are inherited.