acquired immunity

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immunity to a particular disease that is not innate but has been acquired during life

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High prevalence of asymptomatic malaria in apparently healthy children might be because of the acquired immunity to tolerate malaria parasites without having clinical symptoms.
Indeed, many immunological parameters are often markedly different in elderly compared to young people, and some, mostly circumstantial, evidence suggests that retained function of both innate and acquired immunity in the elderly is correlated with health status.
The results revealed a clear enhancement of natural and acquired immunity through the activation of NK blood cells and an increase in phagocytic activity.
Medical records were used to divide women into two groups those who had been vaccinated against measles during infancy and those with naturally acquired immunity from measles infection earlier in life.
Medical records were analysed and the women divided into two groups - those who were vaccinated against measles as children, and those who had acquired immunity from catching measles when they were younger.
Honey is commended in its raw form but there are some lab-tested patented formulas that proved to be move effective as a way for enhancing acquired immunity, he added.
Immunologists, microbial geneticists, cell and molecular biologists, and other scientists from around the world outline the biology underlying different phagocyte lineages, the properties and functions of the phagosome, the link between innate and acquired immunity, the development of specific cellular and humoral immune responses, and different infection models and how the phagocytes respond to control the infection and improve protective immunity.
In severely malnourished patients, both acquired immunity like lymphocyte functions as well as innate host defense mechanisms like macrophages and granulocytes are affected.
The first 2 factors most likely reflect partial control of parasitemia by acquired immunity.
The problem with acquired immunity arises when outside entities develop a resistance to the antibodies.
In spite of decades of effort, we still lack immunological markers that correlate with protective immunity, and little is known about the identity of the blood stage parasite antigens that function as targets of naturally acquired immunity (6).
If people are being exposed to wastewater pathogens but do not get sick because of acquired immunity, are we protecting public health?
There is also the uncertainty about whether the low older adult mortality in the 1918--1920 pandemic was produced by acquired immunity from the pandemics of the mid-19th century.
Adhering to the rule that the show must go on, Sunila checked with cast and crew that they had acquired immunity from the affliction before struggling on, spots and all.
1) He identifies four characteristics of medieval "plague" that distinguish it from its modern version: speedy transmission, lightning contagion, high mortality rates, and acquired immunity over time.
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