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Synonyms for acquiescence

Synonyms for acquiescence

the act or process of accepting

the quality or state of willingly carrying out the wishes of others

Synonyms for acquiescence

acceptance without protest

Related Words

agreement with a statement or proposal to do something

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Shareholder acquiescence had seemed a fixed quality of American enterprise.
Scudamore, who hopes to fly to Zurich to persuade Blatter of the benefits of the plan, said, "Clearly we are not going to take this forward if it in anyway does not meet with some form of acquiescence from Fifa.
of New York at Buffalo) describes the exploited realities of workers laboring for low wages and under horrific conditions and analyzes the circumstances surrounding the women's lives that contribute to accommodation, acquiescence, or resistance to their exploitation in the textile factories.
Nixon cut a deal with Golda Meir in which Israel agreed to forego the idea of public testing in exchange for American acquiescence and an end to inspections.
Whatever its merits or deficiencies, this habit of acquiescence to perceived authority has characterized us since the days when we were a British colony and the authority we looked to lay in London.
The acquiescence to every union, even in bad economic times, has resulted in crumbling streets and a struggle for even the most basic services.
The message one seemed to take away from her photographs was that the level of acquiescence is such that it carries with it a built-in threshold beyond which a woman would just let her revolver do her talking for her.
Many representatives of the Massachusetts law enforcement community will demonstrate tonight before the meeting to show their outrage at City leaders for failing to support the city's law enforcement efforts and their acquiescence to Ms.
More than 1,000 civilians were killed [in 1998] by the security forces or paramilitary groups operating with their support or acquiescence," Amnesty International says in its 1999 annual report.
The acquiescence eroded property rights and nullified the Fifth Amendment's requirement of compensation for individuals whose property is taken for public use.
Yet Cohn's success in gaining Tilly's acquiescence to his counterintuitive arguments about Third Republic miners' strikes may actually make him the winner in the sense that he uses the term in When Strikes Makes Sense--And Why.
It is the ultimate justification for social passivity and acquiescence in the status quo.
Intel's acquiescence to the Special Master's findings is a big win for AMD," said Thomas M.
The acquiescence additionally incorporated resolutions to transfer some national government capacities, considering education, health, lands, forest, agriculture and the teaching service.
He then considers America's Christian identity and anti-semitism chronologically, from the American colonies and early State history; before, during, and after the Civil War; WWI and the interwar period; and the US government's acquiescence to the murder of Jews during the Holocaust.