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Synonyms for acquiescence

Synonyms for acquiescence

the act or process of accepting

the quality or state of willingly carrying out the wishes of others

Synonyms for acquiescence

acceptance without protest

Related Words

agreement with a statement or proposal to do something

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Acceptance which would bar an appeal must conclusively denote acquiescence to the ruling and waiver of the right of appeal.
Khan rebutted Emmerson's claim saying, "let me also state authoritatively that no explicit or implicit consent, approval or acquiescence has been given by the Government of Pakistan for the drone strikes.
He was apparently referring to Israel's acquiescence in the deal to reopen the border crossings with Gaza Strip for the movement of Palestinian individuals and goods which means an end to the embargo on the Strip.
American investment-support firm MSCI has downgraded Caterpillar, which has been under fire by pro-Palestinian groups for what they say is its acquiescence in Israel's occupation of the West Bank.
NNA - 17/06/2012 - Head of the parliamentary bloc Change and Reform, MP Michel Aoun, said Saturday evening that politics must be based on acquiescence with laws and ethics, otherwise it would turn into mob rule and crime.
Assemblyman Dov Hikind is angry at the Met's new exhibition of works owned by Gertrude Stein given the famous writer's collaboration with (or at least acquiescence to) the Nazis in occupied Paris.
The majority of the people of Wales do not actively support the Welsh language, they give it their passive acquiescence.
The League's acquiescence to the request shows that it has fallen under the influence of Gulf countries, particularly in terms of the decisions being made against Syria.
President Obama declared and conducted the war in Libya with little regard for Congress or the War Powers Act, with the acquiescence, if not the approval, of Congress.
The BBC quoted Chilcott, as saying that said Iran was a country in which such action was taken only "with the acquiescence and the support of the state".
In the following sections, we explore the nature of informed consent, and the concept of acquiescence in consumer markets.
Let there be no dilemmas, acquiescence existed, until recently, for these cases to be swept under the rug due to their sensitivity.
Republican refusal to include in the implementing bill a reference to the document addressing the core issue which had prevented consideration of the FTA--the Action Plan on Labor Rights--and the administration's acquiescence to that refusal are totally unacceptable," Levin said.
In the short term, the council's acquiescence looks like sausage-making.
An estimated 50 000 Bulgarian Jews escaped the faith of being taken to concentration camps because of a campaign for their rescue that started in the southwestern Bulgarian town Kyustendil, with support or acquiescence of Tsar Boris III and other Bulgarian politicians such as Kyustendil's MP Dimitar Peshev.