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Synonyms for acquainted

acquainted with: familiar with


  • familiar with
  • aware of
  • in on
  • experienced in
  • conscious of
  • informed of
  • alive to
  • privy to
  • knowledgeable about
  • versed in
  • conversant with
  • apprised of
  • cognizant of
  • up to speed with
  • au fait with
  • switched-on about

acquainted with: known to


  • known to
  • familiar with
  • friendly with
  • on good terms with

Synonyms for acquainted

having good knowledge of

provided with information; made aware

Words related to acquainted

having fair knowledge of

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Visited the ethnopark "Nomad" - a unique project in the open air, which allows everyone to get acquainted with the authentic dwellings, way of life, traditions and culture of nomadic peoples of different countries.
A lawyer took off her slipper and beat a visitor, who had stopped her at a mall and wanted to be acquainted with her and have sex with her, a court heard on Sunday.
The Kuwaiti delegation got acquainted with with establishment and development of the Court of Cassation, said Salem who headed the delegation.
14(SUNA)-Vice-President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohammed Abdul-Rahman got acquainted with the ongoing arrangements for holding the meeting of the Joint Sudanese-Russian High Committee in Moscow in December.
At the outset of the event aiming to get acquainted to problems facing Saudi students in Canada, if any, the representatives of the 32-club council met with the Saudi ambassador to Canada Naif bin Bandar Al-Sudairi before meeting the cultural attache Dr.
He's come over on deadline day and joined the squad, and a trip like this will be great to get him acquainted with his new teammates and help build some good relationships.
During the visit, the Prime Minister got acquainted with the work of the Kyrgyzkomur coal base and the ship's services.
About 62 students participated in the experimental trips arranged by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) to allow them to become acquainted with tourist and cultural landmarks in the Kingdom, as well as introduce them to local residents at each destination.
Neuenschwander presents a textbook for undergraduate physics majors in their junior or senior year who have taken or are taking courses in classical mechanics and electricity and magnetism, are acquainted with special relativity, and are ready to study general relativity.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi stressed on Tuesday the need for cooperation between the Iraqi forces and British troops, and to get acquainted with the British side plans to combat terrorism in order to support Iraqi forces and enhance their efficiency to chase the terrorist gangs.
To understand Julian Hoffman's goals in The Small Heart of Things, you must consider two ideas from his preface: 1) "Awareness is becoming acquainted with environment, no matter where one happens to be," in the words of Sigurd Olson, and 2) in describing the essence and beauty of place, Hoffman writes, "The way anywhere can take hold, and burrow deep within.
This interaction is part of efforts being made by the association to get acquainted with the needs of foreign correspondents in the Sultanate, support their role in covering Omani events for their mass media outlet, and discuss the obstacles that hinder the performance of their role as correspondents.
Concerning the fact that IMF technical mission is also in BiH which offers help in the field of "Budget Management and Strengthening the Framework for Fiscal Reporting", Krajina and deputy minister for budge Alija AljoviA acquainted the IMF delegation with negotiations FBiH is having as a part of technical mission, where they talk the most about the Draft Budget Law.
The Bulgarian official was acquainted with Qatar's national development plan for 2032.
Summary: DUBAI --The ambassadors of excellence returned home after an almost three-week tour to the US during which they got themselves acquainted with the American local and federal rules and best practices.