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Synonyms for acquaintance

Synonyms for acquaintance

a person whom one knows casually


personal knowledge derived from participation or observation

Synonyms for acquaintance

personal knowledge or information about someone or something

a relationship less intimate than friendship

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The SCH model described herein, is based on the notion that school should be more than preparation for an adult vocational-destination, it should also be preparation for life, and one of the most important life skills, is the ability to be social and to build and maintain acquaintanceships and friendship circles.
Acquaintanceships that could only be sustained in the cold
The middle class developed elaborate rituals and practices around visiting or 'calling', building a complex web of acquaintanceships, friendships, contacts and associations, each cultivated to generate prestige and respectability that could later be transformed into income generation.
Friendships--or at least acquaintanceships --with Artemus Ward, William Dean Howells, the Reverend Joseph Twichell, and others are touched upon, as is the contretemps with Matthew Arnold resulting from Arnold's denigration of Mark Twain in Civilization in the United States, in which he singled out the humor of Mark Twain as being representative of the philistine tastes of people of a lowly caste.
The setting is Shrewsbury rather than Lichfield - both towns being on Farquhar's own circuit as a recruiting officer - and Captain Plume and his cynical sidekick Sergeant Kite are renewing acquaintanceships in the town.
The exception to this method is her strong assertion of women's busy participation in public life, where evidence from wills of their acquaintanceships throughout the city is supplemented by evidence of their presence in, or at least at, Venice's festivities and, relying on the biography of the sai ntly Maria da Venezia, of their free and confident participation in the commercial life of the streets.
Leaders just got together to renew acquaintanceships and, it seems, to relax at taxpayers' expense.
Walsh's tenure and acquaintanceships with many of his antecedents permits him to draw conclusions that may not be to our liking, but they reflect his experience.
Well, perhaps more like a fraternity where acquaintanceships, if not friendships, are long-standing, and where newcomers get a warm feeling of being part of something important and exciting.
Such acquaintanceships provided grist for columns and stories, but sometimes Runyon's privileged access forced him to choose between being a reporter or a stool pigeon.