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Synonyms for acquaintance

Synonyms for acquaintance

a person whom one knows casually


personal knowledge derived from participation or observation

Synonyms for acquaintance

personal knowledge or information about someone or something

a relationship less intimate than friendship

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I did not know the boy by sight, nor did Raffles introduce us; but their conversation proclaimed at once a slightness of acquaintanceship and a license on the lad's part which combined to puzzle me.
It must be admitted that she does not, for the most part, correspond with the major poets of her day, but sometimes she tells of interesting acquaintanceships.
The aim of the reunion is to enable retired employees to renew old acquaintanceships and also to keep abreast of new developments in policing.
The material must have been difficult to organize because of the varied nature of these interests and acquaintanceships.
Interaction and exchanging experience and viewpoints will help in promoting acquaintanceships between security agents on the one hand and the journalists and writers on the other hand.
9) Although we were principally interested in ascertaining whether there were differences in our perceptual apparatuses from within good friendships as compared to "mere" acquaintanceships, our research unexpectedly found that the "coworker" relationship produced a statistically significant impact on whether people perceived a dispute as being best described as a legal one (rather than a non-legal one)--and the co-worker relationship was positively correlated with viewing a dispute as legal.
Beyond these years and locations, we have virtually no details of the family's resort comings and goings, of the society they encountered, of new acquaintanceships made and old friendships renewed, of the seaside pursuits they followed.
The making of acquaintanceships among controllers aids this development.
Peter Sotheran, chairman of the Sir William Turner's Almshouses and the Sir William Turner Foundation, said the celebrations will be "a wonderful opportunity to renew old acquaintanceships.
My relationships with certain members of the family deepened, there was the growth of friendships with people outside the family that still exists today, there were superficial acquaintanceships to be managed, along with those who were suspicious of me and maintained the belief that I was a spy.