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Synonyms for acquaintanceship

a relationship less intimate than friendship


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In society there were silly conversations lasting half a minute, cool acquaintanceships founded on such half-minutes, general reciprocity of suspicion, overcrowding, insufficient ventilation, bad music badly executed, late hours, unwholesome food, intoxicating liquors, jealous competition in useless expenditure, husband-hunting, flirting, dancing, theatres, and concerts.
By this simple accident, he reflected, as, helping the good work along with an occasional surreptitious leg-stroke, he was towed shorewards, there had been formed an acquaintanceship, if nothing more, which could not lightly be broken.
She did not apply her judgment consciously to Ralph, but when she looked at him, a moment later, she rated him lower than at any other time of their acquaintanceship.
I did not know the boy by sight, nor did Raffles introduce us; but their conversation proclaimed at once a slightness of acquaintanceship and a license on the lad's part which combined to puzzle me.
Add to all this your nervous nature, your epilepsy, and your sudden arrival in a strange town--the day of meetings and of exciting scenes, the day of unexpected acquaintanceships, the day of sudden actions, the day of meeting with the three lovely Epanchin girls, and among them Aglaya--add your fatigue, your excitement; add Nastasia' s evening party, and the tone of that party, and--what were you to expect of yourself at such a moment as that?
In the process we are introduced to Wilde's wide acquaintanceship of fellow-travellers, green-carnation-sporters and distinctly otherwise.
While at the other end of the acquaintanceship scale man's best friend bites the hand that feeds it to the tune of 4.
His broad-based acquaintanceship in the industry positioned him to do what seemed natural: "Bring people together for the benefit of all parties.
I hadn't seen him for a while but throughout our acerbic acquaintanceship he'd assumed half-name terms.
This is a contested thesis since the evidence for their acquaintanceship is circumstantial.
I wish regional biases would be reflected and that from our first-hand acquaintanceship with these different conglomerations of information we could maintain a higher level of dialogue.
It is a field for acquaintanceship and for the development of friendships .
1) My acquaintanceship with Levy's unpublished texts, such as her drawings, diary, letters and unpublished manuscripts, comes from research in the Amy Levy Collection owned by Camellia Plc.
I started the southern Oregon group (of WPCC) to see if acquaintanceship would produce anything," says Sivin.
On the day following a dance a gentleman usually had tea with his partner in order to develop his acquaintanceship.