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Synonyms for acquaintanceship

a relationship less intimate than friendship


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How Acquaintanceship and Analyst Can Influence Focus Group Results.
Bored as you are with contributions, many of them doubtless being poems good or bad by unknown authors, I feel ashamed to add the enclosed to the heap: the more so as personal acquaintanceship might make it more unpleasant for you to decline them.
Wright remains, to this day, a friend who still meets up with his countryman for summertime games of golf and to renew his acquaintanceship with Lennon.
McCroskey and McCroskey's view of communication competence is used here for two reasons: 1) most research on relationship development indicates that the giving of information about oneself is essential to the progression of relationships to the acquaintanceship stage (Altman & Taylor, 1973; Berger & Calabrese, 1975; Gudykunst, 1983; 1985a); and 2) this definition has been operationalized by McCroskey and McCroskey (1988) as self-perceived communication competence (SPCC), and its measurement taps feelings that enter into decisions that individuals make about entering into or deepening a relationship.
Most of the readership of crime fiction is not likely to have a close acquaintanceship with the daily grind of law enforcement.
FB allows users to develop an online profile that may be linked to one or more networks and enables them to designate friends by either inviting them into an online acquaintanceship or by responding to another user's invitation (Pempek et al.
Of course, inclusiveness in today's large nation states cannot match the Aristotelian ideal of mutual social acquaintanceship in a small city state, where everyone could meet regularly, and anyway Aristotle was describing a system of democracy that excluded all women and slaves from inclusion.
Thoreau had a real-life association between the old Carlisle road and Saturn on account of his acquaintanceship with a farmer named Perez Blood, who lived farther up the road, near the Carlisle town boundary.
All heterosexual research participants reported engaging with their co-participants' partners, although the nature of these interactions varied substantially, from brief acquaintanceship to close friendship.
Give me the tools and I can do the job," said the North Yorkshire-based jockey, who was renewing old acquaintanceship with Kirk.
Having to deal with these two organizational titans, the revolutionary movement, which since the 18-day revolution had followed a model of informal mobilization, using friendship and acquaintanceship networks as a key infrastructure, has found itself "between a rock and a hard place.
In this section, we analyze the mechanism underlying the effect of peer evaluations treatments on team performance by considering the role of acquaintanceship among team members.
The league trophy has become a stranger to Celtic, never mind European finals, and the fans don't know when they'll next renew their acquaintanceship with a title win.
YOUR excellent article on the life of Avril Mitchell (November 7) brought back memories of our acquaintanceship through Weight Watchers in the early nineties.
After an acquaintanceship of only a few minutes, you moved to kiss Joanna and I am quite satisfied you intended to go much further.