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Synonyms for acquaint

Synonyms for acquaint

to make known socially

to impart information to

Synonyms for acquaint


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SP Traffic Ilyas Hashmi, said that the aim of holding such programmes was to acquaint the students with traffic laws while inculcating better traffic sense among them.
SP (Traffic) Khalid Rasheed, in his special message, read out on the occasion, said that the aim of holding such workshops was to acquaint students with traffic laws while inculcating better traffic sense among them.
New Delhi/ Kolkata March 2 (ANI): In a run up to the forthcoming general elections the media department of Congress party is holding a two-day media workshop starting from Monday to acquaint the party members with media management during elections.
It made sense to turn to the Community College of Allegheny County, the region's largest workforce training provider, for assistance in rolling out cutting-edge programming designed to acquaint operating engineers and others with the requirements of a "green" building environment.
SANTA CLARITA -- A meeting to acquaint old and new Neighborhood Watch block captains is set for Thursday.
The company's published solution covers many of the well-known properties of peroxides and tries to acquaint readers with the ways to tweak and improve their peroxide cures.
A singularly valuable resource for anyone striving to intimately acquaint themselves with the Psalms and understand their emotional expression.
Acquaint yourself with the collecting community by attending book fairs.
NAI, a commercial real estate services provider, will host an exclusive event in New York City on October 1, 2004, designed to acquaint attendees with the emerging trends in the Latin America marketplace and their impact on real estate operations.