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of or relating to the science of acoustics


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The system has very appealing qualities for churches," said Jim Wagner, Managing Director of Worship Facilities Expo, adding, "The Transform Motorized Acoustical Banner could provide flexibility to a wide variety of church spaces.
On a similar note, walls can help to improve acoustical privacy within a building.
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One supplied roughly 10,000 square feet of Acoustigreen Selectwood Perforated Panels in a maple finish, accommodating the acoustical needs of the newly modernized space.
The successful proponent of this project will have reviewed the attached FFA Consultants Acoustical Treatment Assessment Report and be able to identify, supply and install the necessary acoustical treatments to Teck Hall and the Playschool area; two separate spaces.
Similar to ATI's horizontally-oriented acoustical reverberation chambers, efficiency of sample installation and testing has been engineered to maximise the testing experience at our facility," stated Eric Miller, director -- acoustics.
WhisperTech (TM) foams can be fabricated in mechanically cut sheets, or molded into custom fit complex geometries, to meet exacting levels of acoustical performance.
Goodfriend & Associates (LSG&A), one of the top acoustical engineering firms in the country, welcomes two new employees to the firm.
is introducing custom fabricated acoustical foams and barrier materials that can be included with various types of medical devices to reduce noise.
Professional cleaners will scour the legislative chamber's ceiling and walls, every inch of every 23-karat gold-leaf decoration, acoustical tile, limestone block, walnut beam and all trim.
Automotive acoustical parts have historically used eco-friendly raw materials because of economic considerations.
Precision AirConvey manufactures the PAC Acoustical 90, a 90[degrees]-radius elbow engineered as a sound-attenuation device for installation in the company's automated trim, scrap, and waste-handling systems.
ARLO is the electronic journal of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), a society devoted to all aspects of acoustics.
s True[TM] ClimaPlus[TM] Acoustical Ceiling Panels are made of perforated aluminum and are covered with a fine-textured, smooth acoustical facing.
Whether knowingly or not, much contemporary sound art is predicated on such a media-cultural backdrop, and the discourse surrounding it correspondingly emphasizes information technologies and anticipates--as both desirable and inevitable--the collapse of meaningful distinctions between visual and acoustical phenomena.
A patented low-MDI formulation of polyurethane acoustical foam is featured in the new 2004 Dodge Durango.