acoustic power

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the physical intensity of sound

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President and CEO of Misonix said, "This is one more validation of the ability of our employees at Sonora to develop new important acoustic power testing capability that is recognized by regulatory bodies as a high standard of accuracy and testing.
In this paper, a similar formulation is used but using acoustic power propagating along a duct as the state variables rather than the acoustic pressure, see Figure 2.
r] is the radiating acoustic power at the surface of the spherical radiator.
It's all terribly clean-cut, and almost too earnest for words, but the Christian acoustic power pop team has a charming earnestness about it, which makes for an engaging listening experience.
based supplier of after-market products, training, depot-level repair and support services, and test equipment to the medical imaging market, has achieved ISO 17025:2005 certification for its Acoustic Power Testing Laboratory.
Highlights include the blitzkreig rock of Dresden's Ultimatum, the raw acoustic power of Katie Sutherland's Anymore and the heavy post-Britpop indie of The Black Alley Screens' The Camera Never Lies.
Lead alloys solder for transducers (for high-powered loudspeakers designated to operate for several hours at high acoustic power levels) will be exempt.
Janet Robin - Acoustic power pop singer-songwriter, 8 p.
sees much emphasis being placed on adding acoustic power "so you can fill a large room.
The resulting acoustic power is then quietly and reliably converted into grid quality electricity using linear alternators to eliminate any hot moving parts.
In addition, DTS audio solutions maximise the mobile device's acoustic power for more robust volume levels without distorting or altering the integrity of the sound quality.
DTS Boost maximizes the mobile device's acoustic power for more robust volume levels without distorting or altering the integrity of the sound quality
The advanced acoustic laboratory of Sonora also provides acoustic power testing services to ultrasound OEMs around the world, with all work traceable to the National Standards Laboratories.
DTS Boost[TM]: Maximizes acoustic power of the internal notebook speakers to deliver loudness levels while avoiding distortion
Software solutions provide acoustic power for search, shuffle , auto-playlists, discovery and referrals.
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