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any tumor derived from cells of the nervous system

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The concordance rate for study duplicates (study samples compared with masked relabels) was 87% for glioma, 100% for meningioma, 85% for acoustic neuroma, and 89% for controls.
A new Mayo Clinic study has found that Gamma Knife[TM] stereotactic radiosurgery is a successful treatment for the majority of patients who have large acoustic neuromas (also known as vestibular schwannoma or neurolemmoma).
Acoustic neuromas account for 90% of cerebellopontine angle (CPA) lesions, with the other major primary tumors being meningiomas (3%), primary cholesteatomas (2.
Rethinking the use of auditory brainstem response in acoustic neuroma screening.
Though several forms of treatment for acoustic neuromas are available, the primary form of treatment is surgery.
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) rhinorrhea is a known complication of acoustic neuroma resection.
ATLANTA, June 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Acoustic Neuroma Association (ANA) has launched a new medical website listing (http://www.
Any underlying problem, such as an ear infection, acoustic neuroma or Meniere's disease, must be treated, so make an appointment to see your GP.
In our patient, the tumor was clinically and radiologically difficult to distinguish from an acoustic neuroma.
We conducted a study to determine the prognostic reliability of preoperative computerized dynamic posturography (CDP) in patients undergoing surgical excision of an acoustic neuroma.
LOSS of hearing may be caused by an acoustic neuroma - a benign brain tumour that grows around the vestibulocochlear nerve in the head, which controls hearing and balance.
We have treated patients with acoustic neuroma, meningioma, brainstem neuroma and CP angle tumor with stereotactic, image-guided and intensity-modulated radiosurgery using both frame and frameless techniques.
Bergson and Sataloff conclude that computerized dynamic posturography is a valuable prognostic indicator for predicting subjective postoperative balance function in patients who are about to undergo surgery for the removal of an acoustic neuroma.
I was told I had acoustic neuroma - a benign growth on the hearing nerve in my right ear.
3Com Corporation (Nasdaq:COMS) today announced that president and CEO, Bruce Claflin will undergo surgery on Monday May 12, 2003 to remove a benign tumor, called an Acoustic Neuroma, from his inner ear.