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magnifier of the image of small objects

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Some newer MLCCs have acquired additional layers in order to increase capacitance without increasing footprint; as a result, the MLCC has become square in end view, and the operator of the acoustic microscope cannot tell which side is up.
When using calibration coupons, the desktop acoustic microscope demonstrates standard deviations of 0.
Ultrasonic wave attenuation was measured by using a scanning laser acoustic microscope (SLAM), manufactured by SonoScan, Chicago, Illinois.
North Shore Components, a leading broad line distributor of electronic and electromechanical components, has just expanded its industry-leading counterfeit detection services with the addition of the Insight 200 motorized 3-axis scanning acoustic microscope inspection system and the LTS-200 Robotic Lead Tinning System.
Microscopes II-26 Acoustic Microscopes II-27 C-mode Scanning Acoustic Microscope (C-SAM) II-27 Microscopes - Application Segments II-27 Microscopes in Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing II-27 Microscopes in Life Sciences Research II-28 Application Areas: II-28 Medical Diagnostics & Surgery II-28 Urinary Analysis II-29 Use in Surgical Procedures II-29 Artificial Joint Surface Smoothness Testing II-29 Microscopes in Materials Research II-29 Microscopes in Nanotechnology II-30
Finished ICs can be tested with an acoustic microscope, or analyzed by cross-sectioning parts using diamond-saw blades and special polishing devices, immediately after curing.
will install a scanning acoustic microscope (SAM), for use in wafer bonding analysis.
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