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sound is not amplified by electrical means

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distributor of Merida Classical and Acoustic Guitars, LuLu Ukuleles, and other outstanding lines of string, brass and woodwind instruments.
Reed's latest record "In Here Out There" finds the guitarist doing what he's done best over the past two decades C redefining the limits of what was previously thought possible on the acoustic guitar.
She has always claimed acoustic guitar music as her passion.
I didn't think it would work, but I look at it now and I have got an acoustic guitar that I have made - I know what has gone into it and I appreciate it more.
Also stolen was a Crafter acoustic guitar worth pounds 250.
Until now she's resided in the genre of instrumental acoustic guitar, where her masterful finger work and lilting sense of melody have earned mainstream exposure and critical kudos.
This acoustic guitar is a very special instrument as it's the guitar on which Paul learned his first chords.
He first started experimenting with the solo possibilities of the acoustic guitar at the age of eight.
Kitt's album releases may have pigeonholed him into the new acoustic category but it is his versatility as a live performer that impresses and allows him to transcend musical boundaries - whether on Saturdays with solo acoustic guitar or transforming a cover of When Doves Cry into something quite warm and seductive.
I was getting into acoustic guitar music and old acoustic blues, so I was definitely a weirdo to my peers.
The resulting piece looks as if an air-pressure hose had been inserted into an acoustic guitar causing it to balloon to nearly human size with attendant deformations of the original form.
Keith Richards - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion
Martin HD28 acoustic guitar valued at more than $3,500
THE Sutton Coldfield Acoustic Guitar Club has invited virtuoso guitarist Richard Smith to perform at its next meeting.
A New England folkie with a parched, wounded voice and a mean way with an acoustic guitar, Pureka makes romantic depression seem, somehow, invigorating.