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someone who assists a priest or minister in a liturgical service

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The aCOLyte 3 provides full colour image display and comes complete with software based on Synbiosis' powerful ProtoCOL 3 software (independently validated as a highly accurate colony counting package).
Chandrapushpa been investigated and prosecuted for any of his previous deeds of violence, it would not only have deprived the Rajapaksas of a faithful minion willing to act outside the law; it would also have sent the 'wrong' message to all other Rajapaksa acolytes and discouraged most them from breaking the law in the service of their political masters.
FULLY FOCUSED: Manchester trio Delphic and their debut album Acolyte
In The WellDressed Explorer (1962) and The Acolyte (1972) Astley focused on individuals rather than on the larger community as the targets of her satire.
Finally, for the record, I should perhaps confess your reviewer's own biases: while I am certainly not a prophet, nor even a disciple in good standing, in either of the camps represented here, I do count myself an enthusiastic acolyte in their service.
3M announced today that it achieved a decisive victory in a London trial concerning 3M's decision to cease its support for BacLite, a product it acquired from Acolyte Biomedica Limited ("Acolyte") in 2007.
ACOLYTE and rising star Frenchman Vincent Cheminaud can put their followers in the black by lifting the Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup Sprint (3.
THE winner of last week's PS200 crossword is Alistair McLeod of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Close-up 9 Deign 10 Lento 11 Asocial 12 Two 13 Drop shot 16 Broadway 17 Pin 19 Bugbear 21 Beset 22 On ice 23 Scuttle DOWN: 1 Acolyte 2 Downpour 3 Demo 4 Odiously 5 Mini 6 Ankle 8 Play on words 13 Diameter 14 Opposite 15 Knitter 18 Abhor 20 Grim 21 Blue.
Only by doing this will she prove herself to be a worthy acolyte.
Any Rajapaksa-acolyte can waste billions of public funds or run amok and murder fellow party men, so long as he remains a Rajapaksa acolyte.
But Acolyte failed American tests and 3M refused to pay the full amount.
miscalculation in Iraq is a result of hubris given intellectual legitimacy and cover by Lewis and his acolyte Fouad Ajami.
Synbiosis bus also developed another automated colony counter, aCOLyte, for budget conscious laboratories.
As long as you can get around the fact that the main character is an acolyte of the God of S&M, this is a pretty good book.
Mter acolyte the order is "major seminarian, man religious, woman religious, catechist, one of the faithful--man or woman.