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someone who assists a priest or minister in a liturgical service

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ON A ROLL Acolyte bids for a hat-trick today following wins at Kempton and Wolverhampton
Our proven approach, as evidenced by the recent Acolyte exit, not only mines leading edge technologies from a prestigious R&D organization, but will guide the process and apply critical resources and expertise to assure commercial success.
3M acquired BacLite in February 2007 from Acolyte, a UK company owned by the Porton Group and a subsidiary of the British Ministry of Defense named Ploughshare Innovations.
Le mis en cause et son acolyte ont ete aussitot arretes et presentes, lundi dernier, devant le procureur de la Republique pres le tribunal de Saida, qui a place le premier sous mandat de depot et l'autre sous controle judiciaire, selon la meme source.
London, January 20 ( ANI ): Tamara Ecclestone was spotted sharing a warm embrace with an adoring acolyte in Beverly Hills on Friday.
In the Roman Catholic Church, the ranks of porter, exorcist, lector and acolyte are collectively known as what?
As her favourite Earth-bound acolyte, she thought Rebecca would be the last person to succumb to lover's blues and sets in motion a series of events to help people take love seriously again.
In Without Word (1998) Corbett and her most accomplished acolyte, Erin Koh, danced a lush duet for a pair of girlfriends.
Catholic Match, LLC is managed by Acolyte, LLC, a Pittsburgh area Internet Development and Management Company.
The two women play, respectively, the Charlie Manson acolyte Squeaky Fromme and the huddle-aged mother of four Sara Jane Moore, both, of whom tried to shoot President Ford in 1975.
It was, he writes, some of Nixon's old hands--like one-time counsel Len Garment--who scorned his efforts at rehabilitation, arguing that Nixon as portrayed by acolyte Monica Crowley was Nixon "at his worst--craven, pompous, vain, vindictive, and often unforgivably silly.
Befriending a young acolyte who is traveling to the city for training, Cathan discovers that the religious realm is not so different than the political world.
Available with two levels of functionality-Click 'n' Count and SuperCount - aCOLyte has been developed as an alternative to traditional light box manual counting.
Synbiosis, a world-leading manufacturer of automated microbiological systems, has introduced its aCOLyte 3 cost-effective colony counting system, which is ideal for microbiologists that need to significantly increase their throughput, as well as improve count accuracy.
He was instituted as an acolyte in 1994 by Bishop Timothy Harrington, and served as an acolyte for 15 years.