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Synonyms for acned

(of complexion) blemished by imperfections of the skin

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The girl was boyishly built and acned, and maybe the same age as Lara's client, the left-handed slasher, had been.
My wife, an ex-Episcopal girl from Virginia, named our daughter Samantha in the expectation that this dark gracile pagan name would somehow inform the child, but alas for Doris, Samantha turned out to be chubby, fair, acned, and pious, the sort who likes to hang around after school and beat Sister's erasers (LR, 12).
It was a world that Kurtzman and Elder had portrayed in MAD eight years earlier as a riot of dope dealing and bad skin, with ultratypical Archie ending up in prison, old and bald, tortured by his memory of the day acned Betty threw herself at him and he just curled his lip.
For many, it will have meant a morning of calling on friends for the last trip (hopefully) back to school, and lots of waiting around on the asphalt car park along with the acned, giggling and nervous youths that will have counted as friends and peers for most of the past decade.
Our deep cleansing Thalgo Facial for oily or slightly acned skin would rebalance and purify the area.
The baby is a teenager now, sullen, acned, unaccustomed to its body.
HEPTCAT TABLE 2 Lines B, E 1 avid 2 bad 3 drab 4 naif, fur-faced 5 Nome-due 6 reborne, avid 7 reborn, oily, raw 8 recaptured, undermined, nude-domed 9 recast, set 10 red, arty, timid 11 redecorated, underrated 12 rediced, Seuss-ired, dogged, ablative-tiled, elder 13 red, ired, sore 14 red (if no "cerised dame"), sore 15 red-named, regal, redder, rotunder 16 red- or ebon-shaded, hale, durable 17 red or "eerie" 18 red, raw, ajar 19 red, rawboned, unsung 20 redrawn, oily, rare, tilted, acned, allied 21 refilling, nidal, gnu-drawn ("ignitible," eh, too, Fred?
A nameless acned boy, the oldest of them, took Tessa by the hair and dragged her up the stairs where others, knowing, followed.
Sammy's acned face, like he had fifty vaccinations on it, mounds and dents, scared eyes, shaking his head.